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Thread: Our Interview with Rob

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    Our Interview with Rob

    This week, "Cupid" began sending contestants home, and we began interviewing them. The first unlucky bachelor was Rob (who, by the way, prefers to go by "Robert"). Here's what he had to say:

    After last week, the odds seemed to be all on Robert to be eliminated. Was it a surprise that you were eliminated instead?

    I was a little surprised, but I had a 'vibe' telling me I might be the one.

    What do you think happened that you didn't get to stay?

    I don't know, it was up to America, so I guess it was how it was perceived through outside eyes. It was out of my hands.

    There was some speculation that maybe people were confused with the 2 Rob's.

    I don't think there was anything anyone could have seen that portrayed me in a bad light, but that's for you guys to come up with. I'm not thinking anything like that. There aren't any hard feelings, that's just the way it happened. I know a lot of people were shocked, and it caught a lot of people off guard. It's up to the general public, and obviously I didn't appeal to them.

    Did you ever go back and tip the waiter from your date?

    No, but I'm going to. I never gort a chance to because we're sequestered still, but I will most definitely go back there. On the date that they're not going to show that I had the other night, I left a pretty huge tip though. I left like $150 for this waiter, so he was pretty stoked. But if that was the only thing that people can pick on me about, that's okay. Lisa and I got along great and had a great rapport, so for people to pick me apart because I didn't leave a tip, it was out of my hands under the circumstances. I'm from the area, so I'll definitely go back and take care of him. But we talked about it, and the guy was really cool about it, we shook hands and he said don't worry about it.

    What did you think about Lisa's friends, Kimberly and Laura?

    I'm not going to pass judgement on anyone like they do, because I don't know them, and they don't know any of us. I just think a lot of the comments they made were a little cruel and unjust. That's okay, they have to live with themselves, and wake up every morning and look in the mirror. Karma's a bitch, and they'll just have to let their cards lay. Hopefully they're not 75 years old, living in a house with 10 cats that don't even want them.

    Now that you had a chance to get to know her, was Lisa someone you would want to marry?

    No, but she's a great girl, a great person. She's funny, and has a lot going for her. But who knows, in a month's time, I spent about 8 hours with her, so for me to evaluate marriage or say I love someone - love is the most misconstrued word in the English language - it would be pretty hard for me to base a foundation off of that, or to actually say I would marry her. I'm hoping that as it gets whittled down, some of the guys get to spend a few days with her so they can form a realistic opinion and take an honest approach to this whole thing, and if they really do have feelings for her, and really do fall in love with her, that it's for all the right reasons.

    To win the million dollars, you have to stay married for a year. Putting yourself in that place, do you think it's fair to marry with that in mind?

    I personally would have to totally disagree with that. Going into it, they asked us to rank things in order, and money was last on my list. I do very well for myself. There are a lot of guys who would love to have that million dollars, but to get married for money is not how it should be. About five years ago, I spoke at my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, and to me that's what marriage is all about, that's what love is all about. If you can formulate an opinion and fall in love with someone and marry them after knowing them for 5 hours, you must be Nostradamus or something. I myself need to have a lot more time, and have a lot more experience with someone to establish love, or actually say we'll get married.

    What did your family and friends think of your being on the show?

    They thought it was great. They were excited to see me on TV. They thought it was pretty funny, actually. I didn't really explain to my family what the show was all about, because we weren't really allowed to. And I haven't spoken to anyone in a month and a half, so I'll probably have a different outlook when I get to speak to them.

    Do you hope you're one of the guys picked from the Match.com contest?

    In all sincerity no, but if it's part of what I'm supposed to do for my obligation to the show, then I'll do it.

    If you had the chance to do it again, would you?

    (laughs) I probably wouldn't, in all sincerity.

    Would you like to do the show in reverse - Have your friends pick the girl for you?

    Absolutely not. My friends are all real people, and they couldn't say hurtful things about other people just for television. So it would be hard for me to find two "friends" to say hurtful things about people.

    Who would you want to see end up with Lisa?

    There are a lot of guys who have true feelings for her. Hank, Rend, and Dominic, any one of those guys would make a pretty good husband. I just want to see the right thing happen for Lisa. She's a great girl, and I want her to be happy.

    Thanks to Robert for taking the time to answer our questions, and to CBS for helping us out! And a special thanks to Firegirl for help with these questions. If you have any comments, I can be reached at admin@fansofrealitytv.com

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    Thanks for the interview John. I was surprised that Renda is on his short list of guys with real feelings toward Lisa. well, not surprised that renda could feel something for her but that Rob/Robert thinks Renda would make a good husband. He seems so . . . still in college.

    And he's still sequestered? does anyone know what that's about? Why sequester the gents who have been dismissed? Because of the match.com thing?

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    Great interview John! nice to hear about the sequestered thing, maybe we can find out more from the next guy!

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    Jughead Jones
    I loved his comments regarding Kimberly and Laura. Living in a trailer park with 10 cats? Priceless!

    I personally would've thought that Rob would have lasted a lot longer...oh well. He seems like a cool guy from the interview.

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    Quote Originally Posted by overthetop
    Thanks for the interview John. I was surprised that Renda is on his short list of guys with real feelings toward Lisa. well, not surprised that renda could feel something for her but that Rob/Robert thinks Renda would make a good husband. He seems so . . . still in college.

    He seems too young to me too. I don't think he's ready for marriage. I agree that Hank and Dominic are, even though Dominic's young he seems pretty mature, and he seems genuine.

    Great interview John It was nice to hear about the show through Rob's perspective. I loved what he said about money being last on his list, and I think it's great that he plans going back to tip the waiter.

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    What a treat! I didn't know you had access for interviews.

    Do ask Scott about the sequestered stuff...

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