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Thread: Stupid Cupid Stop Pickin on Me! -Cupid 8/6

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    Stupid Cupid Stop Pickin on Me! -Cupid 8/6

    Welcome back to another round of CUPID. This week we will lose one of the men and nine will go out on personal dates with Lisa for a chance to become her one and only! So here we go…

    First of all this week we have some new props , the men have cupid arrows and as long as they have them then they are still in it but if it gets broken, then you are outta here! So, protect those sticks boys! Brian asks for the two men with the lowest votes to come out and they are Rob and Ken…say again? Rob??? I knew Ken was coming but where is Arnuld..I guess he meant it when he said “ I’ll be back” As they are called to the front Lisa looks like her heart just dropped .And the moment of truth, who gets dumped? America picks Ken to stay in the running. I think the waiters of America got together and voted for Robert because of the tip incident! Poor Lisa looks like she has just had another date with Robert. Brian breaks Rob's arrow and he hugs Lisa and wishes her the best along with the men. Lisa says she will hold him to the golf game he promised her and she wants to see him hopefully after the show is over. Hopefully all the other guys are taking notes that their potential bride is making future dates. Then we are told to visit the Cupid web site at CBS and enter to win a date on the last show with Rob. Okay, soon as the commercial break is here, I’m headed that way, what the heck I ‘m a single girl.

    The second date will consist of the men taking Lisa on a date where they have to teach her one of their hobbies. Joe is first up and he takes Lisa driving around looking for property. I guess that would be a “bus man’s hobby” since he is a realtor. He feels that he can learn her likes and dislikes this way. Joe pretends they are married and they spend the day and waste and agents time looking at homes they will never be able to afford. Laura just loves that he is a take charge guy but not overbearing, Laura just adores him. Kimberly says it’s a good sign that she mentioned the children running around the house and she too wants to see him next week. Lisa says she had a great time. Joe says he wants to take their kids looking for houses one day too. And maybe they will be living in one of those million dollar houses. Lisa watch out there goes your dowry baby! Joe is planning on the commission he will make when he is both buyer and seller of a million dollar home.

    As we come back it’s time for Lisa’s date with Evan. Oh an Evan has a hair cut this week. He looks better. He takes her ice skating. Why? Because he knows nothing about it and his hobby is to learn new hobbies. Oh boy. He brings oven mitts for the gloves and hats for them to wear. He slips and slides at first but they horse around and then sit down yes on the ice. They talk about how they were as children and find they were complete opposites. They skate some more and then he gets her to sit on his lap he likes that lap sitting thing. Maybe he should have taken Lisa to the mall to practice being Santa as a hobby. Lisa is just grinning from ear to ear. Now on to Laura, she loved the date and wants him to stick around. Laura is full of compliments tonight. Maybe she has been watching re-runs of her show and doesn’t like what she sees or perhaps she has been on the internet boards and has seen the light. Kimberly says she hopes she was wrong about him and maybe America should keep him around. Evan gives Kim a present, a Voodoo doll of himself and that seems to win her over a bit more. Lisa really likes him and says she had a great time.

    Renda is up next and he decides to take her on a date to show her his creative side. He takes her to a park to a little set up. He gives her a poetry lesson. So his hobby is playing school? They write a poem and tie it to some helium balloons and set it free. I am wishing I was on a date at the same time with a guy who loves to play with sling shots and bb guns. Wouldn’t that have been fun shooting the crappy poetry out of the sky. He gives her an Eskimo nose rub and even gets a kiss. Over to Laura, she loves that he showed the creative and romantic side but does kid him a bit about the zerbert kiss and the Eskimo kiss and asks if next week will be the butterfly kiss. She wants him to step up. Kimberly knocks him and his “lesson”. She doesn’t feel they have much of a “connection” and well, Kimberly just plain out doesn’t like him. Renda responds by saying well you’re not on the date so you don’t know. He’s not going to force it. Lisa defends Renda and says not to listen to Kimberly.

    Up next is baby Arnuld or Robert. He says that he grew up playing skeetle? Which is kinda like our bowling. So he takes her bowling. Arnuld tries to teach her how to bow, not with some sappy cuddling as they throw the ball but a real technical lesson. Lisa doesn’t look to happy. Robert can tell he is striking out, as in baseball not bowling. So he decides to sing her a song. Just imagine an Austrian Bassett Hound singing Chaka Kahn it was that bad. I am dubbing him the “ Termidator.” America, he is sadly sympathetically adorable but then so are naked mole rats. Vote him off already! They hug and she leaves. Laura still despises him (thank you)! She even threatens to hunt down everyone who votes for him one by one and I believe her thus the reason I am keeping my screen name and location well hidden. But she won’t have me to worry about. Kimberly tells him he is nuts. Robert counters by saying he thinks it gets easier between them. Lisa does tell him that she is not Oprah and she can’t interview him all the time he needs to find out more about her on the dates.

    Next we are thrown a bone. Hank! He takes Lisa trout fishing. Lisa doesn’t know how to fish so he baits her hook for her then shows her how to cast and pull in a fish. Lisa manages to catch a fish at the fish farm. They go to pay for the fish they have caught since Hanks hands are all slimy he asks Lisa to get his wallet out of his pants pocket. Good one Hank, but be careful your momma is watching. He blushes when she does this and it is truly cute. Then Lisa wants to put it back in and well the things I could say here would obviously get me censored but you can bet I was thinking the same thing you are! They share a long hug and Lisa leaves. Now Laura says “I still love you” thank you. She thinks he’s a little too laid back and wants him to kiss her. Kimberly feels the same way. Lisa beckons Hank and he comes over to the table and gives her a smooch. I swear her teeth went a shade whiter and her eyes a shade bluer.

    Scott is up next and he takes Lisa to a studio lot for a picnic. They have a small picnic set up in front of a movie lot with foods from movies that Lisa loves and he makes her guess which ones. Scott holds up a watermelon, from “Dirty Dancing”. He holds out some deli stuff from “When Harry Met Sally”. Peanuts from Princess Bride and Lisa just climbed a notch in my ladder of admiration because I love that line from that movie. Champagne and strawberry’s from “Pretty Woman”. They talk about kissing. Scott uses this as a natural segway and asks to kiss her and she says no. Laura says he was clever but Lisa isn’t attracted to him. Kimberly thinks he would make a great husband and boyfriend but not Lisa’s. Scott counters by saying all his relationships started out slow. Lisa says it’s not a matter of attraction, it was just awkward.

    Ken the Asian tower brings us back from a commercial break and he takes her to the beach to play volleyball. He teaches her some basics but really bump and spike practice is not earning him any points. And they sit and talk for a while. Then they take a walk on the beach. While they gaze out at the water from the pier Ken wraps her in a towel and they talk. Laura calls him boring and he never talks about Lisa. Kimberly feels neither one was into the date. Ken feels he’s in front of a firing squad again after dodging a bullet last time and wants to buy a break.

    Sweet Paul takes Lisa horseback riding. It doesn’t start out well because Lisa’s horse doesn’t want to move. They talk about where they might want to live climate wise then they get off the horses and stand and look at a beautiful view. They take the horses back and cuddle a little bit then kiss a little too. Laura still doesn’t trust him. Kimberly likes him a lot. Paul says that Laura is defending her friend and he admires Laura for doing that. Kimberly likes him and wants to keep him around.

    Dominick is up next and it won’t matter if he wants to show her his hobby of picking his nose he is so darn hot. However he takes her to a bar and teaches her how to make fun drinks. They kiss and drink and toast and kiss some more! America please keep him around so I can live vicariously through Lisa! Laura is smitten with him as well! Kimberly still thinks he is too young I think she is just jealous. So we’ve seen the dates and now it’s time to vote. We are given the numbers for the men if you want to vote for them. It’s time for a quick commercial. When we come back it’s time for the men to vote who they think should go.

    Renda votes for Ken
    Dominick votes for Hank
    Paul votes for Robert
    Ken votes for Renda
    Joe votes for Evan
    Evan votes for Joe
    Hank votes for Dominick
    Scott says Hank
    And Robert says Paul

    Well, again America ready, aim and fire!
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    wild thing
    It amazes me that last wk all the guys said Robert A....and this week their answers are all different - what happened???

    In my opinion...the only 2 that were being honest were Renda with choosing Ken and Paul with choosing Robert. Please....let's face it they want their competition gone...those who voted for Hank, Evan, Dominick - it's just because they don't want to have to compete with them...competing with Robert and Ken well let's just say there's no need to compete.

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    I agree, they got smarter this week, but like America is listening to them anyway?

    I just hope Hank and Dominick come out in the end.
    I like Paul too!

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    It was planned

    Obviously, it was planned out in advance who the guys would vote for at the end. Everyone got one vote. They must have discussed it beforehand, pretty funny.

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    Almost everyone voted for the person who voted for them, except for the odd man out. A bit too obvious.

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    The Termidater! OMG! Classic, girl. Great recap! I missed the show so I am glad I could come in here.

    I still like Scott. Most inventive and fun. I would like to see him win but since I love him it is the kiss of death.

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    Thanks for the recap!

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