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Thread: Spoiler? Don't read if you didn't see 8/5 show

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    wild thing
    I'm the one who knows Joe....and hates him..

    I will give him this...he is the king of b/s. He's a very smooth talker which is why I'm not surprised he's made it this far.

    Introducing Lisa as his wife....gee how original considering...he use to do the same to my friend that he dated.

    I didn't think he was a jerk through out their relationship...I thought he was a gem, until we all realized that he was never sincere in what he said or did, he is - plain and simple - a guy who will say whatever, do whatever and has no heart as to who he hurts in the process...especially when there were 2 little girls involved in this relationship.

    Quote Originally Posted by SillyMamma
    Rob (who sang for $'s and didn't tip the server) got kicked off.

    Joe: Did great. (I know there's someone on this board who claims to know him and thinks that he's a jerk, but he came across fine in his date--if a bit of a con artist)

    Evan: Eh. I don't care for him but he did fine.

    Renda: He's cute. He's personable. He needs a job.

    Robert: What can I say? I think he's got legions of fans to vote for him because they want to see what awful date he'll do next.

    Hank: Sweetie. I hope he's really this nice in real life. (I always have a sneaking suspicion that anyone who *wants* to be on TV has many marks against him)

    Scott: Bad date. Gotta go.

    Ken: Badder date. Gotta go more.

    Paul: See Renda.

    Dominic: Adorable. Too young.

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    Lisa wants to marry Renda because he's attractive. I can't think of much else he's got going for himself.

    The real question is: What happens if America votes off the guy that Lisa really falls for???
    She'll marry the guy they do vote for. Half a mil will come in handy.

    And regarding the voting and all that--it is illogical to have the public vote for a private relationship.
    People will tune in to see their vote count. I agree it's silly, though, and I'd question anyone willing to participate in letting the American public decide who they'll marry.

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