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    Here we are ready for the big ten to show us their stuff. This is the first week when the guys picked by Laura and Kim will get the chance to take aim and try to shoot Lisa through the heart with their Cupid arrow. I have a mental image of Lisa looking like a voodoo doll with all the missed arrows in various places but her heart. Of course in my mental dream image most of the arrows have hit Laura and they leave her dead on the floor!

    Out comes our host wearing a suit tonight. How lovely he looks.
    Brian tells us that this date is test how resourceful and thoughtful each guy is. They sent the men out on the streets to raise as much money as they could for their date, but they only get two hours to raise the cash. The men then have to come up with the most creative date that they could with the money that they collected. Funny, when women go out on the streets to raise some money in a creative way they risk being arrested.

    First up is Renda a street hustler and poet from NY, is that really a profession “street hustler” because I am thinking anything with the word hustler in it has a bit of the criminal sound to it. He dresses in all black with an afro and he calls himself Afro poet. He dances a bit, recites some poetry of his own and gets a lot of blank stares. Renda collects 47.23 for his efforts, I am thinking as a professional street hustler Renda needs to check into a new line of work. He meets Lisa and buys her an Afro wig and referee shirt so they can match on their date how sweet. Then he takes her for a dog and we get to see a close up of Lisa chowing on the wiener. Instead of kissing her he gives her a zerbert which again is supposed to be sweet. I am thinking he read about this first date idea in the Charlie Brown how to manual. So how do the friends react? Laura totally rips him a new one and hopes he is gone by the time she opens her eyes from the next blink. Kimberly thought it was a little goofy but hopes that he’s around next week. Renda is given a chance to stand up for himself and he says he was just trying to have fun and show Lisa a good time. “I wanted a girl who is going to be an extension of me and we can extend from each other.” Lisa agrees that it was all about fun and she definitely had that.

    Ken is up next and he made a bunch of roses out of napkins and decided to sell I at least give him an A for the effort of making the roses. Ken’s reward is 86.26 and he decides to take her to a winery for dinner and a tour. The tour guide is dull and gives them the exact science tour instead of the tourist tour then Lisa doesn’t look too thrilled with dinner but Ken manages to talk to her a bit about his family and life. Lisa looks like she wants to go hear more about the wine making from monotone tour guide. Laura, she definitely doesn’t like Ken, she says that her friend was so bored and so was she and doesn’t want to watch another episode with Ken. Kimberly is impressed with the amount he earned but not the date. Ken wanted Lisa to get to know him but Lisa says that he was a gentleman and he shouldn’t try so hard the next time.

    Hank from Chicago is up and he dresses in a snappy seer sucker suit with a pink shirt and a tie and decides to raise his money doing a politician style fundraiser. Hank goes for a George Bush type politician instead of a Clinton and is rewarded with 85.44 which is good since had he gone the other route he might have just gotten a black eye and some skanky thongs. Hank is smart and goes with a picnic theme where he can buy a large spread and some wine. They have some great conversation and seem to be dancing around some physical contact but in the end Hank doesn’t kiss her. Lisa seems to be growing attached to him really quick. Laura loves this guy and hopes he sticks around. Kimberly thought he would be too straight laced for Lisa but she got a kick out of it and was happy. He was very humble. Lisa admitted that she was smitten and Hank all but kicked the dirt and mumbled an awww shucks.

    Evan from California is up and he’s going to break dance and knock himself out well he does flop around on the ground and almost knocks out a beach tourist. Evan’s dancing brings him 9.00 so he takes Lisa to the beach. They make sand castles and Evan buries her in the sand which is always a good move on a first date because getting her outfit really dirty is memorable. Next they are wrapped up in towels and appear to be kissing! Laura says maybe she is wrong about him; she wants to see how the next date goes. Kim definitely doesn’t like him and gives him a Lauraesque verbal assault. Evan tells her he will prove himself.

    Joe from Illinois, will be offering hugs and affection for money again, I return to the love for money combo gets most women arrested. Joe is pretty cute and he gets a few hugs and some smooches and a few smacks. I don’t know if he got to charge for those. He earned a whopping $51.60 for his efforts. I can’t wait to see what he plans for a date.
    Joe takes Lisa for a pedicure and spends $40.00 and orders a pizza and they talk over dinner about kids and marriage. We see them holding hands and talking about what they want out of marriage. The dinner bill comes to 40.00 and he has overspent by $30 dollars. He admits that he cheated a bit. Laura doesn’t care that he over spent and makes a remark about Renda and the wig. Kimberly wasn’t happy that he cheated but she doesn’t want him to be ejected either. When given the chance to defend himself he says “If I’m at fault for spending a little more than I’m supposed to on the girl of my dreams than you know what? Crucify me because this gem, she’s priceless.” I wonder if he spent all night thinking that one up. Lisa says she loves the date but he cheated and next time he needs to go by the rules.

    Scott from NY is up and he offers to let people give him 10 smacks for a $1.00 with these foam noodle things. Folks have a lot of aggression on the beach, who knew? Scott earns 61.10 and he takes Lisa to a nice dinner. Lisa seems to be having a fun time talking to him and she laughs a lot. They kiss on the cheek and she leaves. Laura thinks she can only see him walking down the aisle as the best man. Kim says she wants to keep him around. Scott says he’s been told by Lisa that she wants her husband to be her best friend and he takes her words as a compliment. Lisa says she had a great time.

    Robert from L.A. goes out and he has a sign that says he needs money for funeral this is L.A. and obviously they don’t care about dead bodies in the street. So, he flexes for a while and earns 40.25. He and Lisa visit the boardwalk and it is painful to watch. She actually yawned on the roller coaster. Robert seems happy but Laura says “I despise you; you love yourself way too much.” Kim says “surprise, Laura and I agree.” Lisa says they need to talk more about things the next time they go out...
    If there is a next time…

    Dominick from Chicago is up next and he sets up a massage booth. I must again mention the touching for money theme but then anyone who didn’t take a chance for a massage from Dominick should be arrested. Dominick is so good in fact one guy even paid Dominick money so he could give Dominick the massage. At the end of the day it was $68.22 in earnings. He took Lisa to the Zoo and she was like a chatty, skippy little monkey. They appear to be having a really great time and they look really cute together. All the women look like sorority girls waiting to lick the bowl on brownie day and Dominick is a keeper.

    We are back with Rob who puts on a tie and decides to sing opera. He kids around and makes $95.44 he wasn’t bad really. He takes Lisa for sushi and they have drinks and talk quite a bit. Lisa seems tired but not bored. I bet she is tired I would be tired of the serial cheap first dates. They end up having quite a few drinks and the tip is short for the waiter. Lisa defends him explaining they lost track of how many they had.

    Lastly we have Paul who is going to play his guitar for the tourists and he collects 43.08. Paul also goes for the picnic theme and takes Lisa to the park. Paul has a song he wrote so he plays and sings for her and they seem to have a good time and they kiss. The girls don’t like Paul a whole lot but Lisa thinks his song was amazing so we will see.

    Now Brian tell us that the guys were given a chance to vote who they think America should send packing. The guys hold up cards ala Newlywed game style and this is what we see:

    Renda - Robert.
    Dominick - Robert
    Paul - Robert
    Ken - Robert
    Joe - Robert
    Rob - Robert
    Evan - Scott Oh Evan your just blonde.
    Hank - Robert
    Scott - Robert
    And Robert - Paul

    Robert says he feels honored. Robert poor guy just lost in the interpretation of America’s sarcasm.

    Laura - Robert
    Kim – Ken

    So now each week, the 9 guys with the most votes will move on and the one with the least votes will be dumped on next weeks show. Actually Brian said he will be dumped live right here. So, now America take out your bows and ready, aim, fire!

    One last thought, during Robert’s date with Lisa I discovered the only word that rhymes with Cupid is stupid.

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    Upon these dates, we have now snoop-ed
    (And Robert A, we sniffed at and poo-poo-ed)
    Thanks for the wrap-up, as recoup-ed:
    a terrific summary of last night's Cupid!

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    Good one! you brain has to hurt after thinking that one up!!!

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    Great recap, FG! Love the title
    Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
    - Albert Einstein

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