What is the CUPID trivia messaging service?
When you sign up for this service, you will receive questions about the show, the suitors, the judges and more, to which you can respond.

How do I sign up for the CUPID trivia messaging service?
AT&T Wireless subscribers may sign up for the CUPID trivia messaging service by visiting the trivia service sign-up page at www.cbs.com/cupid, inputting their 10-digit wireless phone number and clicking on the "sign me up" button. They will then receive a message instructing them to send a text message with the keyword "CUPID" to the short code 2003 on their wireless device. Subscribers will then receive a confirmation message welcoming them to CUPID trivia.

How often will I receive trivia messages?
You will receive 2 messages per week. For every question to which you send a response, you will receive a reply message letting you know if you were correct and listing another question for you to answer.

How much will trivia messages cost me?
We will send you the messages at no charge, however, standard text messaging rates apply when replying to or sending messages.

How do I unsubscribe to CUPID trivia?
You can stop receiving messages in one of two ways.
1. Respond to any CUPID Trivia question you receive with the word "end".
2. Send a text message with the word "end" to the short code 2003.

Please allow 36 hours for CUPID messages to be cancelled.

My wireless carrier is not listed as one of the choices. Can I still participate in CUPID trivia messages? This promotion is exclusive to AT&T Wireless customers. For information on becoming an AT&T Wireless customer, please click here. www.attwireless.com

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