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Thread: Robert - Suitor

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlaFan
    Robert is the best. I thinki he is playing up to the camera bigtime but his dates are always entertaining. I think people should vote for him just because the premise of the show is stupid and this is sort of the in your face vote.

    My guess is robert will have enough support to bring him to the top 3-4.

    He probably is going to make it very far. The more that I think about it, the whole concept behind the show is dumb. Eventhough I don't like Robert, he cracks me up; his dates are always entertaining. If I vote at all this week, I might vote for him now. I think it's hilarious when Laura goes off on him. If Lisa doesn't like him she shouldn't have picked him to be in the top 10. I don't think he'll actually win, but if he does, Lisa doesn't have to marry him, so now I think Robert should stick around for a while.

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    I look very forward to watching Robert's date. I about died when Laura asked him if he'd like a tissue.
    Still a part of me feels sorry for him, I mean, he is on national T.V ...and the world is mocking him
    ...I guess...being on T.V does that to ANYONE.
    Well I look forward to watching next weekend

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    Of course Robert will be around for awhile. That's why they've set it up to vote for your favorite instead of least favorite. I think the producers knew damn well that there are people out there who will keep Robert afloat for the entertainment factor.

    Robert's little activity with the kids was embarrassing and it was inappropriate to set up the kids like that.

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    Lisa Sucks!!

    I hate Lisa.

    Laura is a bitch.

    Kimberly is a cow.

    They all hate Robert.

    I want Robert to win!

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    March To Victory Robert You Sick Bastard!

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    The very thought of Robert being the last man standing makes me very happy.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Will Fox rig this?

    I also want Robert to win-- I have never been so amused as I was looking at the horrified faces of Lisa, Laura and Kimberly when he was not even in the bottom three! Classic. I am worried, though, that Fox will rig this and get rid of Robert (ala the Clay/Ruben fiasco).

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    I also want Robert to win and totally throw this show into turmoil. Lisa ends up with nothing, her friends are responsible. If her bitchy friend would just SHUT THE HELL UP than people wouldn't vote to keep Robert on. The more she talks down to everyone, the more votes he will get. I tried to vote for Robert all last night and the line was busy. I woke up at 4:00 in the morning to let my dog out and just for kicks I hit redial on the phone... the line was busy. Just now, I tried to call and vote - the line is busy. There are two things going on here. Either the show has taken his line "off the hook" so that he cannot make it any further or people are religiously calling in for him 24 hours a day. Maybe Lisa threatened to walk if she had to go out with him again, I don't know - but something is really wrong going on. I went ahead and tried to call in for two of the other contestants... got through on the first try both times.

    By the way, in addition to Robert being on Blind Date - Uncensored, he was ALSO on Last Comic Standing. There was a competition where you had to bring your own audience for the comics. One of them found Robert running around on the beach and he actually showed up at the show. They showed him again when they introduced each comic's guests and it was definitely him.

    I don't think he is crazy, I think that there is a major cultural barier in place. who knows, he could be nuts but he has been working in the business for quite awhile now and seems to keep getting jobs (look at his resume on his website). I wouldn't want him to date any of my girlfriends, but I really think he would be a funny guy to have a beer with.

    As long as those two bitches try to cut him down and ridicule him, I will vote for him - over and over and over again. He deserves an apology from them. Lisa, word of advice. You are judged by the company that you keep - while you may be a very nice person, your friends are complete bitches. If you really want to find the right guy than you should kick them off the show right away or else you will end up with Robert, America will see to that.

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    VOTE ROBERT!! I LOVED the expression on their faces last night when he wasn't in the bottom three. Get a clue Lisa (and your upper jaw set back). America doesn't care about you falling in love. We watch this show as entertainment and seeing some guy drool over you isn't entertaining. GO ROBERT!

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    And Laura should realize that she is only helping Robert STAY. A lot of people watch the show just to hear her comments and she can't make fun of him if he's not there.

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