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Thread: Robert - Suitor

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    he's the only reason i watched. actor or not, he was very entertaining to watch..

    i just hope people don't actually put Lisa in a position to marry him.. Pick Hank, it's who SHE wants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jman
    Pick Hank, it's who SHE wants.

    this is the exact reason i voted robert several times. this was the second time i'd seen the show and the first that i'd voted (i knew the deal from looking at this board). wasn't the whole point of the show that America would make the match? it's not her choice at all. when they insult a viewing public by setting up a voting situation and then forcefeeding us a finalist, i think this is exactly what they deserve.

    and might i add that robert's staying week after week proves that we are not looking for love and happy endings when we watch these shows (FLOM and Joe Millionaire producers should take note).

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    your right. good point. it is force feeding us a finalist..

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