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Thread: Renda - Suitor

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    Great points NYC friend...in watching Rhenda when people on the show pointed this out to him...I had to wonder if he really wanted to win...or if it was that he just doesnt see himself in sales down the road...For example, had he simply told Lisa's parents..I'm in sales and I have a degree in business...there mid-western lack of understanding of the New York life might have been eased a bit...instead he tells Lisa in a later episode that he sees them selling T-shirts of the two of them and getting rich...I think he was much more responsible and better able to provide for a wife then the show portrayed him to be...but perhaps, he wasnt that interested in a long term relationship with her and only tried just hard enough to stay on air till the end..I am not sure this was the objective...or the reason he started on line...but for a salesman his pick me pitch was weak...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nycfriend
    Renda I can honestly say is a great guy and would give you is shirt off his back. Lisa is missing out on one great guy
    Thanks for posting. It is great to hear what someone is really like from a friend. How is Renda doing?

    On the show, I thought Renda had great charisma. And with that smile, he does look quite a bit like Joey Lawrence. (He does.) I think the best thing he got from Lisa, was getting rid of that goatee. Nothing says "I'm not a grown up yet" better than a goatee.

    I can see your point that Renda would be better with a sparkler of a gal and that Lisa is dull. Even we who don't know them personally could see that.

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