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Thread: Ken - Suitor

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    More survey results for you Alibaba:

    Asianweek (ever heard of it?) has the figures of disgust toward Asian interacial marriage at 38%. This goes along with some general disdain about Asian Americans living in America.


    Moreover, 38 percent of those surveyed disapprove of someone in their family marrying an Asian American. Almost an equal number, 34 percent, would be upset if a substantial number of Asian Americans moved into their neighborhoods. Three out of five surveyed consider the increase in the Asian population as ‘bad for this country,’ and 62 percent resent the success of these new immigrants over native-born Americans.

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    I think you're taking this racial discussion way too far. The concept of race is subjective. What you may call a "race", I might not define as "race".
    And what is your point anyway? Are you trying to say that, because Ken has some mixed physical features that may qualify him as an Asian, that he is at a disadvantage? In what way does your argument help anything in this context?
    He got booted off last night because of his incompatibility with Lisa. She had said in the beginning of the show that he was one of the most attractive guys in the group, so obviously as they got to know each other, something just didn't cllick.
    In my opinion, Ken is actually too good a catch for Lisa, who is a bore in her little princess world. I think Ken will be happier with a woman who has more to offer, like a personality...

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    Hey, where do you reside? You have such a negative attitude on how caucuasians treat asians.
    You site various studies about how asians are viewed negatively.
    My guess is that you are a bitter asian male who got screwed over by your dating experiences outside your race. Sure, there are people who are ignorant out there, but its pretty normal.
    I'm an asian male and I frequently date interracially because that's what I commonly run into living in Texas. Some girls dig me and to others, I'm not their flavor.

    Why has this become a racial topic about Ken?

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    Being asian is never a disadvantage.
    If you're good looking, you'll have your fair share with girls in and outside your race.

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    I'm glad Ken was finally bumped off yesterday.. he's been suffering so long on this show that it's about time he was put out of his misery... He does seem like a good guy who was probably just kin dof awkward on live TV but I'm sure he'd make a lot of women happy...

    I thought it was odd the sudden switch Laura & Kimberly made in their attitude towards him last night... all of a sudden they were praising him to high Heaven after weeks of cruelly bashing him...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChottoMatte
    You're either never pay attention to Asian American issues or you don't interact much with the Asian American community.
    I'm from Houston, which happens to have 3, count 'em, THREE Chinatowns. And if you're still not clear, Houston is located in TEXAS, the second most culturely diverse state in the nation. And to add to that, I am from a suburb that is almost 40% Asian and I attend the University of Texas, which has almost 20% Asian students. Still think I don't "interact with the Asian American community"? I think I DO.

    The point is Lisa chose who she wanted to be as her final 10 guys. Unless he was blind, I'm sure she realized Ken was not white. She still wanted to consider him for courtship. And whether or not America approves of Asians and whites dating, apparently they did for 4 weeks because 3 white guys were kicked off before Ken was.

    Just because a portion of whites or Asians do not approve of interracial dating DOES NOT mean that ALL whites and asians disapprove of it. Sure the statistics you found are probably very accurate and legit, but don't go around speaking on behalf of your race when not all of your race feels the same way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alliebaba
    Just because a portion of whites or Asians do not approve of interracial dating DOES NOT mean that ALL whites and asians disapprove of it.
    Well, I have a different experience. There is a silent majority and an aggressive minority about that. But you would know that only if you are Asian and insulted.

    Nevertheless, back to Ken. I think this guy has something wrong about him, only I cannot figure that out.
    He is a University of Chicago gradute, top school, apparently educated, physically apt, adapted (unlike Asian immigrants), with a career that seems to be going on in the right direction.
    Yet he chooses to compete with a bunch of loosers for a bore of a girl while at the same time getting insulted and humiliated on a national TV by a lowly white trash?

    Makes you wonder what is wrong with him?

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    Well sad to say guys, we can only hope for asian "triple" crown rather than "quadruple"....

    anyway ChottoMatte, what ethnicity are you again?

    Dude seriously your own comments are un-called for and it's sort of discriminating to the ones you look down upon.... don't be a hater, matte-er

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    I think Ken showed a lot of integrity after he got the boot. Seems like a decent guy to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Des203
    I think Ken showed a lot of integrity after he got the boot. Seems like a decent guy to me.
    Agree. He was very dignified.

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