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Thread: 7/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    7/30 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread only until after midnight Eastern. Thanks, and enjoy the show!

    (posts anywhere but here that contain ANYTHING about tonight's show will be deleted without notice, as per our standard policy)

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    East coasterly people--is it worth taping this show tonight, or am I not going to miss anything?
    "Look, you love me, and I love you. Maybe in a different time, a different place, this would work out. But we both know that only one of us is leaving this room alive, and I'm the one holding the flame thrower." - Film Fakers

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    Tonight's show was very good, very entertaining, despite the absence of Dain.

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    yes watch it, the guys earning money is one of the best parts.
    Laura just need her mouth washed out with soap.

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    I really didnt think this show would be any good, but i must applaud Simon Cowell once again. Im hooked..this is no AI but it is very intertaining!! All I know is Robert A has got to go! he creeps me out! But overall great show!

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    Hank looks like the man to beat, although Joe and Scott put in a good showing.

    Dominic lost points this week: too young! Very, very likeable, but still callow.

    Renda: want to hate hiim, but he's very likeable.

    Paul: Good singing, didn't like him that much.

    Ken was a big let-down... although it wasn't hard to lose control of the wine tour date. Maybe things will turn for the better next week.

    Evan, Rob, Robert: must go. (Even if Rob had a good date, he just gives me ickies--and if you don't have enough to tip the server, you PULL OUT YOUR WALLET and pay anyway, a la Joe)

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    I really enjoyed tonights show, too! I am suprised, I almost didn't watch, but now I'm glad I did. I agree, Robert A has to go. This show has turned out to be more creative and fun than I originally thought.....can't wait to see what's next.

    I liked the part where Evan was brushing sand off her face, that was cute how they filmed it with the music and how he was smiling! I also really liked her dates with Hank and Dominic, they both seemed natural and relaxed with her.
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    wild thing
    I'm going for Hank, Paul and Dominic.

    I think Joe was dishonest and unfair...he should've managed his $$$ better to avoid having to go into his...any of the guys could've given Lisa a great date with their $$$ but they played by the rules they were give...

    JOE is Dishonest...and I don't only say this because of the show..I know him and it goes to everything I've been saying about his character. Read previous posts...it's funny how I've been saying all along how he's a lier, dishonest, full of crap kind of guy and then he shows us a glimpse of his character on tv...

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    ham lover
    i almost want hank to get kicked off so i can stalk him and date him myself. he's definately the sweetest guy on the show - i like evan too though -i think kimberly was wicked harsh.
    Joe annoys me definately and i think any of the guys could have spent more but the whole point was to spend within your limits - i mean evan only made 9 bucks and he still had a good date.
    Rob is just horrible - not only is he creepy but he's an idiot - 'look a sailboat' is is form of conversation...and ken isn't very attractive but i think the girls were harsh on him

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    Good show! Good show! You know, I threw my votes Scott's way. They seemed to have the most natural and comfortable interaction during their date and he seems like a really nice guy.

    I'd like to vote off her friends, though. Both of them. My God, what a scary lot. It's like double Simon during a PMS cycle. Horrifying.

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