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Thread: Choosing A Fool ~ Cupid Recap 7/23

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    Choosing A Fool ~ Cupid Recap 7/23


    The CUPID auditions have been whittled down to twenty men. All the men have arrived in L.A. To get a more in depth going over before Lisa narrows the field down to her top ten.


    Lisa and her bookend friends have sorted the men into various groups by personality, looks or type. The groups are the Serious, Diamond in the Rough, Athletes, and Creative. Since these specific qualities stand out in each man Lisa wants to see if these men possess other necessary qualities to keep her happy.

    Each of the four groups will be sent on dates with Lisa and from each group she will drop one. As our host reminds the men not much is at stake but a beautiful woman with a million dollar dowry.


    The first group to go through the sifter is the “serious” guys. Lisa wants to know if these type A men can loosen up a bit and cut loose with her when she needs them too. I am wondering what’s in store for these poor guys, clown camp, stand up comedy lessons, perhaps babysitting a kindergarten class. Nope, Lisa takes the guys to a Karaoke club to see how they each will perform. The songs are picked by Lisa. Our group consists of
    Rob who goes up first, he sings born to be wild and he sings it badly but is very humorous in his attempt. Next up is Robert and it was exactly as it would appear on a Saturday Night Live sketch of the “pump you up” guys doing Karaoke. Lisa is responding so far with humor and the guys are really out to show their cut loose side.
    Evan does a fun rendition and eventually Darren does his version of Pretty Woman and Dain sits and sulks about having to do his turn.

    After each man sings Lisa must make a decision about which man she will not ask to stay. The rejection strategy for this show appears to be Lisa standing up and saying what she likes about each man then telling one that she must say good-bye. Each man she keeps is asked to “join her in the Limo” with the other guys. They don’t say how the loser gets home or where he goes and I am thinking that alone is reason enough to try not to be ejected. So there are no roses, masks, boutonnieres, jewelry, just a stay or go sort of an adult version of “mother may I “if you will.

    Lisa makes her case for each man and eventually she says that Dain just didn’t show that he was into her and her request to let his hair down. Dain is shocked and humiliated and stays there at the bar as the group goes to the limo. Maybe he will get another date or sing “All By Myself, Tear in My Beer, Lonesome Loser” who knows.

    Cut to Laura and Kimberly, who have different opinions of Dain. Kimberly did not like him but Laura says he is stable, responsible and she doesn’t think he should have cut him.


    The next group is the “diamond in the rough” group. I love this group and wish it was possible to do this in real life. How many times I have seen a guy and thought man he would be great with just a little polishing. I would love the chance to take a group of great guys and just say hey all you need is a hair cut, change of clothes, or a shave. Well, Lisa gets to live out the fantasy. She takes the five guys she thinks are great except for a few physical aspects that she can change and takes them to a salon.

    The guys are lined up in the beauty chairs and they are


    Lisa walks lose his chin fuzz; Zach will get a pedicure and a cut and color. Nate is getting a trip and color and Mark is getting a trip and some highlights. Ben, will lose his bowl chair cut. The men sit in smocks with foil in their hair under dryers sipping champagne and try their best to make serious attempts to get Lisa to get to know them.

    All the guys come out looking great and really it wouldn’t hurt for the other guys to get a polish as well. Zach is the one to go on his way. But, hey at least he is a good looking loser! Laura and Kimberly again disagree on losing Zach.


    Lisa takes the “Creative” group out next. She loves that these men are creative but she also needs a manly man and she wants to make sure that these creative guys can basically unclog the toilet if necessary. Can they write songs about the deer they just shot? Will they protect her with their guitars if necessary?

    The guys are taken to a shooting range. I guess you’re a real man if you can shoot skeet. Because excellent eye hand coordination is always the true test of a manly man.
    Just ask Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. I am thinking they will take them to a chick flick marathon after the shoot and count how many times each man cries as well.

    The guys in our group are

    Lisa waits to see the macho masculine side of the men and first up is Joe who of course misses but Lisa enjoys talking to him anyway and she thinks he is a good sport. The other guys think Joie is hogging the conversation. Paul does a good job of hitting the target and so does Paco. Omar is a little goofy with the shoot but hits the target. Next up is Lisa and she blows the boys away and hits the skeet every time. The guys think this is very sexy.

    Lisa asks Joe, Paul, Scott and Paco to return with her and the guys in the limo. Lisa leaves Omar behind. I can’t believe this one as Omar is such a cutie and so talented and those dimples. I can’t believe first she kept Paco and second that Paco wasn’t in the make-over group. I love Omar he is so sweet and fun and what is she thinking? Well, maybe Omar will have more material now and write a Grammy winning song projecting him to stardom. You go Omar, oh but little make over for you too, change the name.


    Lisa likes jocks but she also wants to know if the jocks of her group can be a little graceful. It was obvious what was in store for the men, dancing lessons.

    The group of jocks includes

    Scott R.

    The date starts off well with Hank and he and Lisa make a nice couple and dance well together. Ken showed a major goofy side to himself as did Corey. Dominic and Lisa also made a great couple. Poor Scott kept smashing her toes. Scott has size 15 feet. LISA!!!!!! You know what they say about men with big feet!!! Large…………. shoes!

    At the end of the date Lisa keeps Ken, Dominic, Scott, and Hank. Poor Corey he has to go. I like him too. Corey is a rocket scientist he can dance he is sooooo fun with the other guys! Lisa! Where are the angel and devil friends when she is making these decisions?

    Next up there will be a pool party with all the guys Lisa, Laura and Kimberly. After the pool party Lisa will cut one more guy. Lisa and the girls join the guys at the pool in their suits and they pretty hot. The girls look good in their bathing suits too.

    Lisa makes the rounds at the party sitting on guy’s laps and flirting with the whole fraternity. Robert (aka Arnold) takes Lisa by the arm and pulls her over to his lap to read his palm. The guys tell him in America you don’t jerk girls around. Robert also points out that the bow on the front of Lisa’s suit would be easy to untie. Lisa likes Robert but he may be coming on too strong.

    Evan asks Laura to come sit on his lap. I don’t know why he did this but he did and she does then he asks Kimberly to sit on his lap. Paco keeps trying to do get the guys to do an extreme sport with him wanting to jump off the roof into the pool. Well, that is one way to get noticed anyway. And if Lisa doesn’t notice you then maybe the Mountain Dew folks will take a look.

    Lisa consults with her “girls” and the girls want to put Evan and Paco up for ejection.
    First Lisa gives warning to Paco, Robert, and Evan about how to treat her. Then she ejects Paco from the party. After the ejection all the men and Lisa jump into the pool. I wonder who wins the chicken fight?


    The next morning each man gets a one on one visit with Lisa to make his plea to stay in the running. Lisa will dismiss five more men taking the field to ten.

    Lisa also gives the guys a chance to say which guys they think should leave.

    The definite trend seems to be that the young guys should leave. After careful consideration, well at least I assume that is what she was doing because she is gazing off the balcony at the California scenery. Her hair is blowing in her face and there are several close ups of her eyes staring off into the distance and she has a serious look on her face. This seems to be what the people on these dating eliminations shows do when the decision time takes place. So, I am assuming Lisa is giving her decision a lot of thought.

    Lisa comes into the room and decides to dismiss Scott R, wow, I liked him too, Ben is the next to go, then Nate, Mark, and Darren. I realize that all the guys in the make over group are gone except Renda. Well, I guess that is a little of a consolation prize they each got a new look. Of course it didn’t work for them with Lisa but maybe it will work for someone else. So with all the pretty boys gone I am hoping Lisa takes a few more on the salon date. Oh but I forgot she kept Dominic. Big sigh, Dominic , sorry,had a soap opera moment there.

    The men will all move into the bachelor pad next week and go on more intense dates with Lisa. Laura said she was pretty surprised with Lisa’s decisions but she is sure to give her opinion next time on all these guys. No surprise there.

    Now it is the hands of America to take aim and hopefully hit a bulls-eye for Lisa and a potential love.

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    Thanks for the great recap FG. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Arnie aka Robert is a bit much ..

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    Great recap FG!
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    Well, I actually apologize for it not being my best, I watched it on vacation and took cryptic notes then wrote it late at night to get it posted today! I promise to give it the due attention next week!!!

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    super recap, FG, and I commend you for being able to keep these guys straight, as 20 is quite a handful. This is great:
    Poor Scott kept smashing her toes. Scott has size 15 feet. LISA!!!!!! You know what they say about men with big feet!!! Large…………. shoes!
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    Super wrap up!

    I didn't notice that most of the in-the-rough crowd had gone... At last! A pattern.

    Next, all the Jerks must be voted off. Off Robert, Off Evan, Off Comet, Off Cupid! Off bad-boys, off slackers, off jobless, off stupid!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SillyMamma
    Next, all the Jerks must be voted off. Off Robert, Off Evan, Off Comet, Off Cupid! Off bad-boys, off slackers, off jobless, off stupid!
    Very good!
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    Silly Mamma you read my mind for next re-cap! note to self: channel Silly's brain more often

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    I think Robert and Evan will go soon. Has anyone realized though that it's really CBS that will be doing the choosing? We all know that only a little bit of what goes on actually makes it to the show. If they want to edit someone badly then they can easily make America not like them.

    Hank and Dominic look like they have the inside track. I'm a little concerned though about Dominic's financial stability. But hey $1 Million Dollars can buy a lot of stability!


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    Jughead Jones
    Good recap!

    You know, in the first episode, Lisa has said that she has always chosen the losers as far as guys went...judging by some of the people she axed, and some of the people she kept, I can understand why this has happened.

    I could probably understand why she let go of Dain...he was so cocky and arrogant that I knew she wouldn't be happy with him.

    But, how she could choose Paco over Omar? I don't get that. I mean, Paco was eliminated anyway, but still...why give him another chance?

    And, why the heck would she keep Evan, who throws himself all over her two best friends? IDIOT!

    I kind of disagree about Robert though with most of you. I actually like him, and I'm sure that if Lisa dates him one on one a couple of times, she could fall for him. He's basically okay...he just needs to learn about how American girls date. Once he does, he should be at least in the top five.

    I personally think that Lisa will likely choose either Dominic, Hank or Joe. She seems to get along with them the most.

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