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Thread: Robert- Arnie sound alike

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    Quote Originally Posted by firegirl
    I haven't made my decision on him yet.. can't decide if he is for real and genuinely a spacy foreign guy or just a weird foreign guy...
    Same here.

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    ham lover
    he's a fricking cheeseball...i don't know WHY he got past the audition - he's a stalker!

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    "I love her... I really think I love her..."

    C'MON!! He said about 2 words to her the whole time they were on the date, and she didn't even make eye contact because she probably didn't want to have to clean up the mess when he self-combusted!
    This guy is creepy... he's totally out next Tuesday.
    Hell, I'm German (I know he's Austrian...) and I can't even support him!!
    "Robert, du bist Sheisskopf"
    Figure that one out :-)

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