Name: Renda
Age: 24
Occupation: Poet/Street Hustler
College: University of Florida
Hometown: Queens, New York

Which of Lisa's qualities do you like best?
She enjoys life and she seems to give everything and everyone a fair chance. Most importantly, she's cool and down-to-earth.

Why do you think you were selected to be in the Top Ten?
I'm a real extremist and an extreme realist.

What three adjectives best describe you?
Passionate, free, funky

What is your best pick-up line?
Hey! Do you like comedy clubs?

What prop, if any, did you bring with you to the auditions?
Just myself

What scares you the most about women?
Their insecurities

How long was the longest romantic relationship you've been in?
About two to three months

What's your favorite romantic movie?
Love Jones

Which celebrity most closely resembles you?
I've gone through all different phases. For a little while, it was Joey Lawrence, then it was David Charvet. And for a little while it was Hugh Jackman. Now I think there's a slight Jim Morrison look.

Who is your role model, and why?
Sam Walton, because he was a highly successful businessman and pioneer in the field of deep discount sales who always maintained his personal integrity, morals and values in the face of big business. He ignored conventional wisdom. He swam in a pool of sharks and never got bitten.

Describe your perfect relationship.
A symbiotic exchange of true feelings and true intentions that stems from a real sense of companionship, passion and respect. A relationship without fear or restraint, just two people being themselves and sharing themselves.

Describe your ideal date.
An early morning hot air balloon ride over rolling green hills with a mimosa toast, followed by a destination-free romp through Central Park. Then, some fresh fruit and a trip to a water park. Then off to a comedy club and a family-style Italian restaruant, sunset conversation and some snuggling under a comfy blanket.

Describe your relationship with your family.
My family helped to make me the man I am today, and I like how I've turned out. I love them, and we're close, but we could probably be a little closer.

What are your aspirations for the future?
Get on Def Poetry Jam; Have a springtime home in NYC and a house in a suburb somewhere else for the rest of the year; Be self-employed in some sort of a creative capacity; Travel the globe; Experience everything; Live by the water; Just plain be happy, and have someone to share my happiness with; Write a book; Produce a documentary