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    Name: Paul
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Playwright/Professor
    College: University of Florida
    Hometown: New York, NY

    Which of Lisa's qualities do you like best?
    Her sense of self. She seems quite genuine and true.

    Why do you think you were selected to be in the Top Ten?
    Because I made her laugh in one moment and danced with her the next.

    What three adjectives best describe you?
    Creative, comical, intelligent

    [b]What is your best pick-up line?
    Don't have one.

    What prop, if any, did you bring with you to the auditions?
    A pink suit, a cane and a poem

    What scares you the most about women?
    Their own insecurity

    How long was the longest romantic relationship you've been in?
    Three years

    What's your favorite romantic movie?
    When Harry Met Sally

    Which celebrity most closely resembles you?
    Harry Connick, Jr. crossed with John Travolta, so I'm told.

    Who is your role model, and why?
    My mother. Her strength and love helped to mold me to the person I am today.

    Describe your perfect relationship.
    My lover, who is also my best friend. Someone I can hang out with, laugh with, argue with and know that I will be there to kiss them goodnight.

    Describe your ideal date.
    Where the conversation flows, the laughs are aplenty and the attraction is sublime

    Describe your relationship with your family.
    I would be lost without them!

    What are your aspirations for the future?
    The near future is to see my play, "Rockshow," reach a commercial audience playing off-Broadway or Broadway in New York. Check it out at the International New York Fringe Festival this August.

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    wild thing


    I didn't really like him in his audition - pink suit and all, but out of the suit and him just being himself I like what I see.

    I'm betting on him or Dominick, Dominick's age is the only prob.

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