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Thread: top 10 men

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    wild thing

    top 10 men

    I can't believe she got rid of Omar....he's such a cutie, and seems like he'd be a real romantic.

    She should've gotten rid of Evan and Rob. How disrespectful...asking her friends to sit on his lap and Rob trying to untie her bikini.

    Joe, real estate developer....for those reading who didn't read my other thread...I know this j--k...I knew he wouldn't get cut quickly being that he is a smooth talker, full of b/s.

    The exact thing he said to Lisa re: wanting to know how a girl acts when she gets flirted with he said the exact thing - word for word - to my friend whom he dated for a year and a 1/2.

    Also...he is not a real estate developer - unless loan officer title has recently changed.

    It's funny how all the other guys picked up on him being too talkative and them not being able to get a word in edge wise....that is so him....hopefully Lisa will pick up on this trait of his also....the more you're around him the more annoying it gets...he carries the conversation...he may as well have a conversation by himself because the other person barely has a chance to say a word.

    I will surely be watching to see how their date goes...

    In his questionaire on CBS.com....for one of his traits he put down whole hearted...what he meant to say was COLDHEARTED!!!!!

    GENUINE AND SINCERE....farthest thing from it....till the end of my friends and his relationship he swore up and down that he would not be on tv.

    She blatantly asked him "At least prepare me for it...Are you going to be on the show" and his answer was "no, I'm just an extra, back-up boy...I will have no tv time"

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    Perhaps she's counting on America to vote off the truly-awfuls?

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    Evan is the best looking of them all and he wasn't flirting with Laura cause she came & sat
    on Evan's lap and it appeared that he was just goofing around when he asked the other one
    to join in.

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    Jughead Jones
    I was kind of surprised that she kept Evan too.

    If you're going on a TV show to hopefully marry Lisa Shannon...don't flirt with Kimberly and Laura! Bad...BAD move!

    I did notice that she kicked off all the Miami guys, but kept all the ones from Chicago. I just like pointing out little details like that!

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