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Thread: Ratings???

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    Hey,just out of curiousity, i was just wondering if Cupid is successfull so far, anyone know the ratings? Thanks to anyone who replies, i'm hoping the show does well, i really like the format of the show.

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    Here's the press release. Keep in mind this is CBS's slant.

    CBS will rebroadcast the second episode of CUPID, the Network's new relationship reality series from "American Idol's" Simon Cowell, on Tuesday, July 22 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), following BIG BROTHER 4.

    Wednesday night's broadcast -- the second installment of the reality series -- did a 4.9/09 with an average of 7.71 million viewers. It was first in adults 18-34 (3.8/13) and second in households, viewers, adults 18-49 (3.6/11) and adults 25-54 (3.9/11). CUPID enjoyed across-the-board demographic growth the previous week's premiere episode, +19% in adults 18-34 (from 3.2/11), +3% in adults 18-49 (3.5/10), +5% in adults 25-54 (from 3.9/11) and added +310,000 viewers (from 7.40m).

    CUPID dominated its reality competition, ABC's "Dating Experiment," by +123% advantage in households (4.9/09 vs. 2.2/04), +280% in adults 18-34 (3.8/13 vs. 1.0/03), +157% in adults 18-49 (3.6/11 vs. 1.4/04) and +144% in adults 25-54 (3.9/11 vs. 1.6/04) -- and more than double the viewer delivery (7.71m vs. 3.18m, +142%).

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    Ugh, this show is just boring IMO.

    Totally not interested in it at all.
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    I find it pretty good actually. Lisa's pretty hot.

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    I have to admit (guiltily) that I watched half of last week's show and all of last night's show...and...well....*hangs head*.......I enjoyed it

    I have to completely agree with Simon Cowell on all of his assessments of the men on the show, and men in general. I enjoyed his commentary.
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