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Thread: Laura's Defence

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    Laura's Defence

    First, I must say that this has been an interesting concept that Simon Cowell has introduced to America. Matching American Idol with the Bachelor has incredible comic and romantic potential. Also as far as we know, there will be no surprise like she is not a millionaire, her pick must choose between the money or her etc. All the cards are on the table. The guys KNOW that she is worth ONE MILLION DOLLLARS!!!! Lisa, Laura and Kimberly also know that the guys are interested in the money AS WELL AS Lisa.

    Laura and Kimberly are there to break the guys down into 5 groups.

    They are..........1) You- Have - To - Be- Freaking - Me
    2) Not - A - Chance
    3) Possible
    4) Probable
    5) Oh - God - Yes - Can - I - Jump - You - Now !

    At the same time I am sure the producers told them to get a good cross section, for America to choose from. And to pick at least 20 guys.

    Now based on what we saw, there had to be at least 300 men ( I use that term loosely) per city and four cities. 1200 men!!!! And we only get to see about 100 per episode.
    When Laura goes into Super - Bitch mode, we, the audience, have no clue how many absolute losers!!!!!! they have gone through prior to that person.
    I applaud what she is doing as well as the entertainment value she is bringing to the show. She has made this show real!!!! She is truthful, hates liars and con men, aprreciates humor, compasion, truthfulness, romance and artistry .

    Laura, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Iran says it shot down unmanned US spy plane.
    Lemonade recalled due to possibleglass fragments in Canada.
    Lindsay Lohan to join Celebrity Big Brother.

    Anybody else need a dandelion break???

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    I agree that it must be hell to go through loser after loser. Even a Saint would break, I'm sure. But Laura lost all credibility with me when she went after the sword guy. It wasn't that he was a loser and she wanted to put him down. It was the fact that he said she COULD NOT touch the sword, and Laura HAD to touch the sword. And then, as she's assaulting this poor man, she has the audacity to get mad that he pushed her away. Her actions were childish and her reaction was not based in reality.

    But I do watch the show for many reasons, one of which is to she what she's going to do next! Damn you Simon, DAMN YOU!!!!!

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    I agree that laura makes the show.

    Next she will have her own show.
    Now that is a scary thought but people love watching this stuff and it brings in the ratings.

    Yes Simon dam you because now you have me hooked on another show. I do not need that but I am a reality show junkie so give me another fix.

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    While the guys may have an interest in money, Lisa, too, has a vested interest in seeing this thing through so she herself can make just as much money as they can. The men aren't the only ones who are coming off as gold diggers here IMO.

    She breaks down a hundred times a show. It's hard for me to believe she's just doing it because of the stress.

    Nonetheless, she does make the show, though I wonder how they'll handle things after the men are selected and it's down to the final 10.

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