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Thread: Is it so hard to be normal?

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    Is it so hard to be normal?

    From the two episodes, it looks like all it takes to pass the "screening" is to be normal. Seriously, if a guy just act normal and polite, he is more than likely to pass. I can't believe from over 300 contestants in one city, only 3-4 people passed and the rest of them are plain insane and stupid. The show makes us wonder where are the good guys, but personally I know lots of guys are just as good as the ones that passed the first round. As a matter of fact, I don't even know one person who will do lame break dance on 2 card boards when they want to impress some girl. I am not saying the show is staged, but they sure made it more entertaining.

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    Yeah, but if you can't be normal it doesn't hurt to be good looking. I mean, they picked the guy who did the "Ode to Cupid" dance. Yeah, he's the kind of guy to be alone with! Oh, and another tip I picked up. If your only talent is twirling a basketball (lame!) then have BIG hands!

    It seems that with these girls, even the breakdancing idiot would have made it through if he was good looking and/or had big hands. Hmmmm, wonder why she hasn't had dating success to this point with such high standards?!

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    Remember how few they actually show.

    It looks like they show the ones that passed and the weird ones.

    What you aren't seeing are the ones that are normal but didn't pass because they weren't good-looking enough.

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    How normal is this game as a whole anyway?

    I'm sure they've had normal guys coming through that get rejected because they're too boring or not good looking enough...or their hands are small. :-) But if you're looking for normality, I wouldn't start my search within a scenario where men are willing to stand in a LONG line to spend 30 seconds to win the approval of some primadonna and her two bitchy friends.

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    Didn't you guys find that a lot of the men, especially in LA and NY, were just there to get some screen time?
    Some of them couldn't care less about winning Lisa's heart, they were just auditioning, hoping that some TV producer would be watching and thinking "he's cute, let's cast him"...

    And the guy who did the "Ode to cupid" dance... my gaydar would broken if he is not gay. Nothing wrong with being gay, but being gay and entering matchmaking show where you'd need to marry a woman???

    where is Laura's gaydar?

    I know she's bitchy and cruel at times, but I like her.

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    These girls did let some guys through I would've *never* let through. I think I liked only two of the guys I saw in the last two shows. I feel sorry for Lisa. She would've done a lot better on her own.

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    Yes they did let some guy through whom are not good looking (Joe and some others), wierd( there is quite a few), or totally not Lisa's type (Paco is cool, but I don't see him can get along with Lisa in a million years).

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    Obviously, its pretty hard to be normal for most of these guys. Outta four cities they only picked around 25 good ones; if that much.

    I think the nicest, most normal, and most geniuine of all of them was the guy who brought the picnic.. Creative, yet sweet and romantic.

    Now, too many abnormal men to choose from, but to narrow it down, I'd say the weirdo who did the handstand and got escorted out. Although, that freaky postman and the 48 year old night run a dangerously close race.
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    But to be honest....would your average "normal" guy really show up for this sort of thing unless he was dragged kicking and screaming by someone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nlmcp
    But to be honest....would your average "normal" guy really show up for this sort of thing unless he was dragged kicking and screaming by someone?
    couldn't agree more! i don't care how good looking or "normal" the guy comes off as on tv, just the fact that he's voluntarily going on a show like cupid says a lot of his character. even my favorite-darren, has given me doubts of his sanity. while he's fun to watch on tv i would' nt date him even if i had the chance!

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