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Thread: Is it so hard to be normal?

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    Xantham Gum
    I agree, most of the sweet, shy guys are going to just stay home and wouldn't dare put themselves out there for that kind of thing.

    But as has been proved time and time again, women don't really like shy guys. Most women will tell you they like confident men. And while confident and arrogant don't necessarily have to be the same thing, they are awfully close to each other and that fine line leads to a lot of a*holes showing up.

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    It also doesn't hurt to be in real estate, a stock broker, or have (or plan to have) your own business.

    It seems that with these girls, even the breakdancing idiot would have made it through if he was good looking and/or had big hands.
    She would've thought the whole break dancing routine was "different" rather than "weird." "Different" seems acceptable.

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    I dunno. She's a babe. I would have been there in a heart beat if the screening was in town. Some of her picks make you feel as if you have a good shot by just being normal. It must be her midwestern background. Love those girls.

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