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Thread: laura

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    Quote Originally Posted by cbsemployee
    What's the deal? Why is she a gigantic bitch? I'm not surprised at all she's divorced. Sin of vanity??? Hypocrite. I have about 1000 judgements about her...
    No way Laura is fine. She would be an awesome date. A laugh a minute.
    Shes too smart for most and is a bit intimidating. But heck that is what makes her sooo fine. Just at the three of those girls, your eyes automatically are drawn to Laura. Her hair, tan, legs, EYES wow.
    I'm not turned off by her attitude. I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by annray

    Face it Laura is a bitch and you either love her or hate her. Simon is laughing all the way to the bank with this one because she makes the show - no doubt about it.

    I love it but she went a little too far with the guy with the sword.

    Can't wait till next week.

    Laura is sooo fine. She is the show. She should be the one up for a husband but these guys don't know how to handle her. Dating her would be laugh a minute. Is she inimidating? maybe But so what just look at her. She completely overpowers the other girls visually. She is one amazing woman.

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    ok ok..she is a bitch..but come on one of her best friend is going to pick a guy that has to live with at least a year or so..whatever the contract says..anyways, i would be very chosy to if one of my best friends was going through this..

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    Laura makes the whole show!! I think she's very attractive also. Guys don't like her because she doesn't fall for their *&^%$.

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    watch out for Laura The Bachelorette on ABC after cupid..... lol

    Correction: The Bachelorette from hell edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by k1w1
    watch out for Laura The Bachelorette on ABC after cupid..... lol

    Correction: The Bachelorette from hell edition
    Are you kidding? With her persona, it's no wonder she's single! I couldn't stand her rudeness, and actually watch a show revolving around her. ugh!

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    Quote Originally Posted by guywithstick
    The reason I wouldnt let her touch the stick, isnt because I was obsessed with not letting her touch it but rather I'm supposed to have a stronger connection with my sword. Granted it's not a real sword, but I need to treat it as such. Back in the day, when samurai actually carried real swords, they considered their weapon to be an actual extension of their body. This was an object that their life may depend upon, so they reveared (sp?) their weapons. They would even take them to bed with them.
    It is exactly this kind of connection that will keep you mired in samsara.

    Keep studying the ways of the ancient Samurai, especially their religion and you will begin to understand.

    Study the koan of Gutei's finger.

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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this...but what does it say about the main girl (don't even remember her name...Lisa?) that she has friend's like these? Yikes..I'm a laid back guy, but I wouldn't trust a girl who was friend's with someone like that, even if it was just stepped up a bit for TV.


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    Actually, I think it makes sense. Lisa is extremely beautiful but a little dull in personality. Opposites attract in friends and love. Her friends would have the strong personalities to match her weak one. And her friends would clash with the strong personality guys, but Lisa would like them.

    That said, I'm going to trash my whole theory by saying that I think that Laura and Joe would be a good pair. Joe is a royal BS artist--it will eventually come out. Laura has no patience for that stuff. I think that they'd have a great sizzling romance.

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    Laura is awesome! She's the reason I first tuned in to Cupid, and she never disappoints me! I seriously doubt that she is like this every day, she's just doing what she's there to do. I think she'd be a heck of a lot of fun to hang out with!

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