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Thread: Please, next seaSon, LET THE GIRLS BEG!!

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    Please, next seaSon, LET THE GIRLS BEG!!

    I am a Libra, and I think things should be fair and equitable. "What's good for the Goose, is good for the Gander," sort-of-thing"

    So, while these guys on CUPID are being scrutinized, and judged, and insulted, and humiliated by these (not attractive AT ALL) chicks...inquiring minds want to know if, next season on CUPID, will there be three men scrutinizing, judging, insulting, and humiliating potential dates with females?

    Of course there SHOULD be, but I have a feeling there won't be. Want to know why? Chicks can't handle it!! Can you see it: "Sorry, babe, you're UGLY!" "Get out, you loser, your b**bs are too saggy!" "Take your little love poem, and go home, you dumb broad!" Does any of this sound politically incorrect?

    I hate double standards. Guys can be humiliated as a form of comedy entertainment, but Gals need to be protected from any kind of harm, because they're too delicate. PUH-LEESE!!

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    i agree. also, i was surprised at the harsh treatment Jose Miguel received -- YES! that can be a REAL accent! i personally would have gone for the spanish lover. also, the "stigmata" guy... he was right. Stigmata, other than the religious meaning, is the plural of stigma. In fact, stigma and stigmata (out of religious context) are interchangable.

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    Is it me or is Lisa not that "attractive".........like everyone has made her out to be......

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    I think she becomes less and less pretty. She was just as rude to those guys as her friend Laura although Laura seems to be taking all the criticism. It's one thing to say "I'm not interested" but she laughed in their faces and yelled at them to leave, very uncool.

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    I have a dream too! Sepialove's Avatar
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    I think this show will come back to bite her on the :monkeybut. She has probably taken the cue from the producers to ham it up and show no mercy, but it makes her look LESS attractive, snotty and shallow.
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    The girl is acting out to get camera time - to be the next Simon Cowell. If they do a Cupid 2 - it would be good to have men choosing women - and Cupid 3 - Id like to see a gay male version and then a lesbian version. Is America ready for that - Maybe gay marriage will be the law by then and we'll finally have equality and have true separation of church and state.

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    If they did a guy version, here's the statement you'd hear the most:

    "Sorry, no fat chicks. Next!"

    And then the guys would be called jerks. End of series.

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    I think there should be one with women too. However there has been no injustice done because the show was produced with men.

    I don't think the men have handled themselves anybetter than a woman would after being rejected in such a cruel manner.

    The women on the show are not ugly. The blonde gets less attractive everytime she opens her mouth or gives nasty looks. She is also acting very unlady-like and trashy for someone who is judging others. Lisa is quite stunning actually.

    You almost sound as if you are someone who has been rejected in this manner.

    If these guys want to get on TV and act like an then I am more than willing to laugh at them!

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    If I was to try out for this show and came out with two pieces of card board and brake dance I would expect redicule. Give me a break they are not auditioning for men behaving badly they are looking for someone to love - or just trying to get TV time like one of the guys stated.

    Half of those guys should be on people doing crazy things that way there would be no problem.

    You go on national tv and get what you give.

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    imo, a lot of those guys were just trying to get screening time. which sucks, because I don't feel like watching actors audition. If I wanted that, I'd be working as a casting director... CBS should have selected those guys a little better.

    I did think that Laura was harsh to a lot of guys and must have really offended them. But I think the producers want her to be that way to cause controversy. I bet if there is a sequel with men as the jury, one of them will be a male version of Laura, and he will be hated by most women.

    Lisa is attractive, and I think she is probably intelligent too.I hope she makes good choices in the upcoming episodes...

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