I think that groundskeeper dude was the funniest part of this show so far. “I haven’t had
a date since 1983....”

Host: "Are those flowers or weeds you brought with you?"

Dude: "I'm not a botanist, I don't know what they are."

Host: “You’re a groundskeeper and you can’t tell a weed from a flower?”

Dude: “I only work with grass.”

Actually, anything that guy said was hilarious, because he didn't move his lips when he talked.

I also got a big kick out of SuperDan, only because he reminded me of my friend Dan, who has a similar name for himself.

These poor guys are walking into a nightmare situation. Man, you never try to pick up a chick when you’re by yourself and she’s surrounded by her friends. There’s a 90% chance that they’ll break out in spontaneous laughter no matter what you do. If you must attempt this, then DO NOT make the fatal mistake of going after the pick of the litter.
Make a play for the least attractive in the bunch, even if she’s below you or you’re not really interested in her, treat her like gold...and hope that it impresses the others. Then work your way up to the Queen Bee.

It’s a tough situation for these guys, most of whom I assume are straight out of central casting. They’re lambs to the slaughter. But I hope there’s a twist at the end, where the guy must choose between Lisa and the $$$$. Or maybe the rejected guys get to come
back and choose the winner -- then they get to put the girls through the paces...forcing Lisa to suck up to the guys she and her friends once humiliated.

Now, Lisa is definitely doable, she looks a bit like Courtney Cox to me. But despite her pretty smile, she seems to be just about as big a bytch as her friends. Laura and the ugly redhead are obviously drunk with power and are using it to get back at men in general by
venting their hostilities on these captive men. For her part, Lisa seems to enjoy rejecting the men, and being cruel about it, a little bit too much. Not so sure she’s the big prize that she’s supposed to be.

As for Laura, I know she’s just doing what she’s supposed to, but I really am starting to harbor some extreme hate for that woman. Honestly, I hope she chokes to death on a
hotdog. They find her on the street with mustard all over her face, and a wiener sticking out of her mouth. While the police photograph her ignominous demise from various angles, cracking the obvious jokes, a dog walks up to her, raises its hind leg, and pees on her body, inspiring more ridicule.
Then her carcass is sucked up by a streetsweeper like that annoying Juicy Fruit guy.

Hey Laura, there is such a thing as karma you know....