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Thread: JOE - real estate develope - CHICAGO

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    wild thing

    JOE - real estate develope - CHICAGO

    BULL SH***ER!!!!

    Everything he said when he met Lisa couldn't be farther from the truth.

    I can't wait to see how far he gets....and how much he lies along the way.

    I have a lot of dirt on this guy, just not sure yet how much I want to dish out.
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    Tell all wild thing!! It will make the show more interesting. Just curious, how do you know all these things about him??? HMMMMM??? I was surprised they picked him. He was NOT a looker or even close. Paco was more attractive then he was.

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    wild thing
    One of my good friends dated him....they dated for 1 and 1/2, were re-habbing a house for them and my friends 2 daughters, he played the whole father role with her 2 daughters....then recently he tells her that he's flying to LA for this show...never mentioned that he even auditioned for the show in Chicago. Lied and said he was just an extra, would not be on t.v. - that he never auditioned for the show, never filled out an application etc. He even expressed to my friend that he wanted her to be understanding and trust him on this. BULL SH**!!!

    When he came back from L.A my friend ended their relationship. Last night was a big shock to my poor friend to see the man she has been with for a year and 1/2 - planning their future together, a man that has spent time with her daughters - saying to some girl on tv. he's ready for marriage and family.

    I was surprised she passed him also...he's actually gained a lot of weight, he wasn't that thick....his hair was not shaved either back then - He was definitely better looking.

    He's shorter than Lisa also..this is why I am very surprised she picked him...he's only about 5"6 - 5"7.

    He's Italian, He just turned 25 this year. Lives at home with mommy
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    Damnnnn. What a slime ball. He looks way older then 25. I thought he was in his 30's. I'm happy to hear your friend is not with him anymore.

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    Sounds like a slimeball!!
    But how can you guys remember what the guys looked like???


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    jOe bLoW

    Snake in the grass.....funny I have one of his business cards and it doesn't say Real Estate Developer on it...must have needed to change his title because to be honest about anything would probably seem abnormal to him!!!! LIAR...FYI everyone...one of those people was not even a family member...must run "in the family" to be okay with the entire thing being a LIE...what a joke!!! One episode and I can rip him apart with all of his lies...in just ONE episode...yeah LISA!!! you can have him...do us all a favor and don't subject us to this PRIZE OF A MAN...I have so much info It's killing me....LOSER...lOsEr....loser.. ..

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    Please keep the language in check. And those reading this, please keep in mind that we're hearing one side of a story from people whose identity cannot be confirmed, so take that with whatever grain of salt you'd like.

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