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Thread: 7/9 Episode Discussion

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    I promised not to watch this show because I despise Simon Cowell and will never add to his audience, but I checked it out for about five minutes. It was idiotic! Anyone who would go on this show as the bachelorette, one of her friends, or one of the men must be strange. I don't care what happens to any of them. On American Idol it was truly talented young people trying to succeed in show business. I cared about them because they were as real as the medium let them be.
    "Once more into the breach, dear friends!"

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    Jughead Jones
    Where the HELL do they find these guys???

    I mean, I'm overweight...I'm unemployed...and I'm a virgin to boot, and I'd STILL have a better chance than the idiots they had that auditioned.

    Geez...that hillbilly was a REAL PRIZE!!!

    And, when security is kicking you out...don't do a frickin' handstand!!!

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    Making fun of the latin singer was not unwarranted since he was over the top. I am amazed that they thought his accent was not real. I mean they were in Miami which has an enormous Latino population. There will be people there who speak english with an accent.
    Laura is bitch, but good god she is hot. By the way I don't think Lisa is older than 25, I think her dated "Monica on Friends" hairstyle makes her look older. Its not like that girl on Joe Millionaire, Heidi who tried to say she was 25, when she looked at least a decade older.

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    They didn't make fun of the singer because of his accent. They made fun of his *drama*. They gave him every opportunity to start over and act like a normal guy.

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    Hmm..I'm usually very tough on contestants on a reality show, and particularly a dating type reality show, but I really like Lisa. She seems very genuine.

    But as I'm watching the show, I'm wondering how they could have so many losers trying to win her. It's hard to believe that out of those big cities that is all they could find. You got the feeling they were picking the lesser of all the evils.


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    They could have been a LOT more polite! Especially to that sweet latin guy even though he's not my type.

    Laura Let me just tell you that you...are...the...
    best...BITCH I've ever seen on t.v....besides Robin Manning on ANTM. But that's not my point! She wasn't polite to the men even though some of them were losers! She disgusts me! And since Kim 'n Lisa are her friends, I don't like them either...even though they do have great taste in men. Ugh! They should have at least let that Latin guy in through the next round! Boy, if I were a guy, I'd go right up to Laura 'n bitch-slap her fuckin face!

    This is what I'm gonna do to her- :fight

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    Ok, maybe I went a lil too far from there...she should have been nicer to the losers who left imediatly when they were asked to, the freaks who hung around...man. their a sore lookin bunch

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