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Thread: 7/9 Episode Discussion

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaliGirl
    It was contrived to take a group of obvious losers, sprinkled with a few "possibles" and let the trio of women go to town. And go to town they did. They covered the range from silly insults to outright cruelty -- a lot of it unnecessary.

    While we're at it, Laura was absolutely over the top. Not only with the Latino guy, but the guy she accused of wearing a pimp suit when she looked like the biggest slut wearing that fringed tablecloth that didn't cover any of her non-existent boobs.
    I thought the in-your-face cruelty detracted from the show. If you give some contestants the chance they will hang themselves by doing and saying odd things. It's not really necessary to confront them aggressively.....a discreet rolling of the eyes is really enough for this type of show.

    IMO Laura's behavior (and slutty tablecloth) reflects poorly on America's-supposedly-most-eligible Lisa. It confirms that she's not the greatest judge of character in men or friends.

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    So what was the profession count:
    3 traders
    1 bartender
    1 getting real estate license
    1 student of entrepreneurism
    1 ???

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    Found some of the guys to be just plain odd. Found some of the guys they liked to be just plain odd also. there was no one in the first group that totally blew me away except the british guy. I thought Laura was a flaming over the top total b*tch. Sure there were alot of losers but she was either totally hamming it up for the carmera or just a really unpleasant person (but will I watch next week.....I sure will)
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    I have to say that I'd hate to have to spend time with any of these women. What a bunch of rude harpies! I wouldn't let any of my men friends anywhere near them.

    I admit I thought most of the men were losers and I wouldn't go out with them either. But I would thank them for coming and not be rude about it. But that wouldn't be good tv, I guess.

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    That older groundskeeper was completely creepy. I could see him being a serial killer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mdrio9
    Wow...Laura is really mean. I guess they're picking out the good guys, but she could lighten up a little bit.
    I too could not believe how much like Simon she was. They must be related

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    I agree that Laura is pretty mean, if it was a guy putting down women the way she did I don't think that it would be as funny.

    I read that Simon has said that if this show does well that the next "Cupid" he'll reverse it and have women auditioning for a bachelor.

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    i agree that Laura had the biggest personality disorder what with letting her position of "power" go to her poorly coiffed head (would you let her cut your hair?)
    but i think the moment designed to show us that lisa was caring, showed me simply that she is both stupid and heartless. i'm talking about when she harassed that guy about spending time with his out-of-state daughter sneering "you see her 20 days out of the year" and "do you know what it means to be a parent." she didn't bother to ask what kind of court order he was working around... maybe it would only allow visits in his child's home state (which if you don't have much money won't even happen as often as once every three months). that guy could have been totally broken up over his relationship with his daughter, maybe the kind to want full custody if he could get it. she had no clue but called him a bad parent anyway. wait, i guess laura was worse in that situation because when she heard he had a daughter she equated a human straight into dollars by saying, oh so a million dollars would help with child support. i missed the miami part but i think i'll be done with this show.

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    In the morning light, "Cupid" looks even worse...

    I firmly believe that the three women were encouraged to behave in as outrageous a manner as possible and if that's considered "entertainment" so be it. However, from reading what most of you had to say, I think that this type of "reality/dating" show (like we really need another one) has sunk to a new low.

    The men who made the "cut" were mostly unattractive losers who performed stupid "human tricks" to make them look as foolish as possible. Those performances were given the "OK" by the staff first. When the deranged former alcoholic/gambler came back for a second time, it was because the producers allowed it. The guy that did the karate stuff with his friend who was thoroughly trashed had to run it past the show's staff.

    I also think that Lisa was told who to pick to make for a more interesting mix. Some of her choices were bizarro but might make for effective "shock TV" which this show is leaning towards. I despair for quality shows like "The Amazing Race" when I see crap like this.

    What I'm saying here, is that we are all being taken for a ride and we willingly go along with it because we derive our laughs by feeling superior to the jerks or maligners that are paraded before us on the TV screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    That older groundskeeper was completely creepy. I could see him being a serial killer.
    Oh yeah, Did you notice how he said, " I can tell you all how to find the happiness you all deserve....but not on camera"? *CRRRRREEEEPY*

    But Laura was the one who bothered me the most. She is the most annoying person I have ever seen, and to call her a *B* would demean all "respectable" *B*s out there. I think she is the kind of "friend" that needs to get her share of attention when another friend is getting some. Egomaniac, snotty, uncultured and crass to name a few traits...and those are her GOOD ones!

    The guy they had to get out with security was hilarious, but scary.

    The hispanic guy didnt need to be humiliated like that. :mad:

    Paco and his skateboard/mom/roommate/tattoo combo? Im stunned she let him thru....sounds like the producers might have wanted to add a little spice to the show.

    The guy that Laura tore up in front of his mother was a hoot, I wish the mom had hit Laura in the face with her Gold Lame' purse.

    This is another train wreck of a show and yes *sigh* I will be watching...for a while at least.
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