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Thread: Simon Cowell - Executive Producer

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    Simon Cowell - Executive Producer


    Starting in 1979 with EMI Music Publishing, Simon Cowell cut his teeth and got a taste for what the public wants, a sense of commercial potential and, most importantly, what makes a hit. It wasn't long before he decided to take these essential qualities and put them to use for himself, setting up his own label, Fanfare, along with partner Iain Burton. Fanfare developed throughout the 80s, spawning a brace of memorable smashes, most notably the pop siren Sinitta.

    Never slow to recognize a bright young talent, by 1989 BMG had offered Cowell a position as A&R Consultant. It was a relationship that would prove hugely successful, profitable and enduring; in fact, since last year Cowell set up his own label through BMG, S Records, reflecting the success and vision he has manifested.

    Cowell's roster of signings reads like a Who's Who of pop success stories over the last decade (including some seemingly unlikely ones). Highlights include Curiosity Killed the Cat, Sonia and, cornering the boy band market, bad boys of pop Five (who disbanded last year) and the global multi-platinum phenomenon Westlife. Always pop but never predictable, Cowell has enjoyed some of his most successful signings by always keeping an eye firmly on the TV world, sensing a public following and always being the first knocking on the door. He has enjoyed great success with the television series "Popstar" and "Pop Idol" in England and "American Idol" in the U.S.

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