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Thread: Kimberly & Laura - Lisa's Friends

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    If they were actresses, word would be easy to find. The performing community in any town, even a big one like NY, is surprisingly small. Over the course of a few years, you quickly get to know everyone.

    As it happens, I'm pretty sure that they're not actresses.

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    I agree that I think the lines are scripted for the most part. But I have two friends that are pretty, smart and more importantly witty and funny and would blow these two away. We three have even discussed this show and our lines are so much better. You can put someone in their place without resorting to name calling and the obvious comment. That said, they are interesting enough to make the show watchable, barely. Since she cut my favorite Darren, my hearts no longer in this show.

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    I think they're highly coached friends. Kimberly is the "Randy" of the pair, and Laura is the "Simon." It's for pure entertainment value. Imagine how less interesting the show would be if they were 2 nice "normal" women - seemingly how Lisa is.

    Like Simon in AI 1 & 2, Laura's attitude and brutal quips give this show some pizzaz.
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    Interesting....notice their earpiece mics? What if they're getting fed lines?


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    Quote Originally Posted by tbeckett
    Okay....does anyone else think that these two woman are actresses hired to "play" Lisa's best friends. I mean, c'mon, would Lisa really have friends like these two? Besides, who among us has two best friend who would be that comfortable in front of the camera and that brutal to our potential suitors. They've got to be actresses....someone, find some proof of this.
    No they are her real friends. Because CBS would not say they are where a big lie could ruin the show and the producers reputation. No big scandal to hire actresses.

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    Would YOU be friends with Laura or Kimberly?

    If you met Laura or Kim, would you be friends with them?

    I say a big HELL NO to Laura obviously. She's like a cross between an evil mother-in-law and a hungry vulture. I think as hard as Lisa tried, she could never get rid of Laura. Laura is too bosy, always talking about how "this is about Lisa". Well if it really IS all about Lisa, Laura needs to be more supportive of Lisa finding her husband. Geez, whoever marries Lisa has to put up with Laura for the rest of the marriage.

    Kim looks like a big nerd. Don't get me wrong, there's a little bit of nerd in us all. But I imagine Kim as being really gross looking until the Cupid hair and makeup people made her over. Kind of like Clay Aiken, except I actually have respect for Clay. I think Kim was a nice person, but then producers forced her to be more like a rottweiler (READ: LAURA). Hollywood has got to her head.

    Whoever does end up marrying Lisa will have a pretty low self-esteem after they endure round after round of Laura and Kim.

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    I actually don't find any problem with Kim, her comments aren't as mean spirited, although i think it might have been good to bring along a male brother or cousin who would be like the guy looking out for her best interests.

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