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Thread: Kimberly & Laura - Lisa's Friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGal
    Is this show about Lisa or Laura? I have a better sense of who Laura is than I do Lisa.
    You are absolutely on target, NYGal. I think so far Laura has proven to be far more compelling than the show's "Cupid Girl", the rather lackluster Lisa. Perhaps more of her personality will come out in future episodes, but as of now, Laura's absolutely stealing the show!

    I was at first appalled at her catty cruelty--until I realized she was the funniest thing about the show!
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by octobergirl
    I did not like her, but I agree with the power trip part, she was making the show all about her, and not Lisa. Maybe she wishes she were the one to get the dates.....
    Must agree here. She was alittle scary at times. I find them all to be such a contrast in personality. Lisa is the obvious beauty of the group with a brain- how nice! Kimberly is the "nice" girl and Laura is the BITCH!

    I have a hard time watching Simon, I cringe alot. I will feel this way about watching Laura too. Glad she isn't the "girl", the guys would run the other way!!

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    Jughead Jones
    I'm really diggin' these two girls...but Laura is just so cool!

    She's so deliciously wicked, I'm kind of starting to get attracted to her.

    Of course, she'd probably kick me out of the room after 45 seconds, but hey, at least I'm not as bad as the guy who went dateless for 2 decades!

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    Kimberly needs a nose job, Laura needs a boob job. And they both need to have sex!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maleady33
    The blonde one was hilarious! I loved it when they played Allanis's "I'm A Bitch".

    I think Bridget Jones sang that song.

    I wish she would have been more polite with her comments though I don't hater her...YET.

    Simon's right...she is a bitch. I wonder why she isn't mad at Simon though...maybe she didn't see/hear him call her a bitch.

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    Jughead Jones
    Quote Originally Posted by Delia
    I think Bridget Jones sang that song.
    Actually, it was Meredith Brooks.

    But, boy, did that song fit!

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    Delia said...
    Simon's right...she is a bitch. I wonder why she isn't mad at Simon though...maybe she didn't see/hear him call her a bitch.
    Being a bitch is a good thing now. That's what the song signifies.
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    Not so sure yet...

    My vote is still out on this show. Likes it at first but to tell you the truth Laura is getting on my nerves!

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    The singer of the song "I'm A Bitch" is Meredith Brooks , but I bet Alanis wished she'd written it, lol.

    On to Laura, she does make the show interesting but she is a bit over the top. She has been beyond cruel and for no reason. I like Simon on American Idol for the same reasons, but at least he had constructive criticism to offer, she offers nothing but attitude and "bad" attitude at that.

    If I had been a decent sort of man and was subjected to her during the interview stage, I would have quickly turned on my heel and left, who needs that grief. In particular she was all upset about the guy with the stick (granted he was odd), holding her back, but it was she who approached him. If the men must ask for permission to approach (and I think that they should), the same rules hold for her.

    I, for one, will be happy to see them interacting with Lisa -- right now she is an unknown entity. This trio seem a bit naive if you ask me -- they were all enthralled with the "traders" from Chicago, but then dissed the postman who had a gambling habit (ok, he was clearly out of his league). Have they any idea that trading is basically legalized gambling? And, the majority of traders I know gamble in their personal lives as well -- because that is what they do.

    If they bring Laura to the house for another go at these poor guys, I can see a line taxi's retreating from the house filled with self-evicted participants.

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    Sorry, jughead, I just scrolled over your post and didn't see that you had already answered the song question. I'm new and haven't gotten the hang of reading the post below the "quote."

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