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Thread: About "Cupid"

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    About "Cupid"

    CUPID, a new relationship reality series from "American Idol's" Simon Cowell, challenges America to find the perfect mate for one eligible young woman. Lisa Shannon, the Cupid Girl, is a copywriter for an advertising agency. Lisa has the full package: looks, personality and brains. However, Lisa has been unlucky in love and is looking to her friends to serve as judges to help find Mr. Right and weed out Mr. Wrong. Along with her girlfriends, Kimberly and Laura, Lisa will conduct a nationwide search to find the man of her dreams.

    CUPID has two distinct parts. In the first two episodes, Lisa will crisscross the country with Kimberly and Laura, auditioning potential suitors. During each audition, the guys will have 30 seconds to impress them. In episode three, the men who made the first cut have one more chance to win over Lisa as she and her friends select the final 10 candidates.

    Beginning in episode four, Lisa will get to know each of the 10 suitors better through a series of dates. During these episodes, Lisa's friends will react to the filmed dates live, as they continue to judge whose intentions are honorable. Next, America will get the chance to play Cupid by casting their votes to protect Lisa from the men they perceive are wrong for her, in the hopes of steering her towards her ideal mate. While viewers decide who they believe is Lisa's perfect match, the guy with the least amount of votes will be eliminated each week.

    Once America casts their final vote, it's up to Lisa and her Mr. Right. Will he propose to her? Will she accept? And will the couple be able to claim the $1 million dowry that's at stake if they stay together?

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    I don't like the $1m element.
    Sorry to sound soppy, but shouldn't finding your "perfect partner" be the prize in itself?
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    True Fluff, but in this day and age, love is not guaranteed. Look at our divorce rate!

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