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Thread: The Contender 2 Premieres Tonight! (July 18)

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    The Contender 2 Premieres Tonight! (July 18)

    According to the ESPN official site, the second season of The Contender premieres tonight at 10 PM Eastern on ESPN.

    I loved the first season. I wasn't really sure about it since I had never watched regular boxing, but it's a great show and I'll definitely be watching. Will anyone be joining me tonight?

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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    I'll probably be watching.

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    Hmm, I watched the match. It wasn't that great. I love the slowing down of punches, but what's with speeding them up? It completely destroys the concept, imo.

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    I HATE the fact that ESPN has the Contender this year! I use Bell ExpressVu Satellite TV and Bell doesn't offer ESPN!!! There are approximately 5 million Bell ExpressVu owners in Canada that don't even have the option to watch this show if they wanted to......I really think ESPN will be wondering why their ratings this year were lower than the shows ratings last year....

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