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Thread: Contender Rematch

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    I can't believe what happened in Bonsante vs. Jesse match. Anthony easily beat him, and I have no idea what judges were thinking. Even an 8 year old could see who won. Last match was a little closer, but also suprising. But seriously, anthony was sooo screwed over, I dont think it's even explainable. Pathetic judges.

    On a good note, Season 2 of Contender is coming, they're casting for it.


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    The Contender Is Fake And Staged

    From fight # 1 on the undercard to the main event. The contender is in my mind no doubt staged. They called the first fight a k.o. and then a bad decision on the second and then stole the belt from peter manfredo JR. The contender is fake, and I'm a writing to them.

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    Wait, contender 2 is going to be ran by ESPN not NBC. Hmm, what and why is this? I guess NBC have apprentice so they dont need anymore shows. Im just glad it's coming back.

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    Hey sergio.. this fight is gonna haunt you papi!

    to sergio mora,
    you know you got served in your own back yard. By accepting your win, you are simply in denial. look at the video.. you got your ass kicked HOMIE.
    But dont worry.. your still the champ. and those judges are professionals... Yeah right.

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    I have to agree with cbowe to some extent.
    I know Alfonso was going to win anyway, so it just seemed to stupid to stop the fight because the other guy was "supposedly hurt". I'm sorry but that other boxer didn't look hurt, so they should've let the fight continue.

    Then we had to witness the Jesse VS Bonsante fiasco. As much as I disliked Bonsante, I have to say that he was robbed. There is no way that Jesse won ANY of the rounds.

    As far as the final re-match, Peter Manfredo Jr. was definitely looking better than the last time he boxed Mora. He came out strong the first rounds, but other than Mora's old wound getting re-opened, Peter didn't really do any damange to Mora. Mora came out strong the last few rounds, so I can see how this decision would be split. And for the judges to take a belt from a champion, the opponent has to clearly have won the whole fight. Manfredo didn't do that, imo. It could go either way, and of course, the judges went with the champion. This is what normally happens during championship fights.

    I didn't really care for Manfredo this time around. He was acting like a jerk, so in a way, I'm glad he lost. Maybe he'll learn better sportmanship for his next bout. Besides, I think he's been given too many chances to prove himself, and so fall he's fallen short. Yes, he's gotten better, but it just seems the producers are trying to forcing him down our throats.

    Still, I agree that The Contender Rematch looked a little less professional than the matches we saw in the Contender Show. What a black eye for the show.

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