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Thread: Sergio on Regis and Kelly

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    Sergio on Regis and Kelly

    Sergio was on Regis and Kelly this morning. Kelly is a huge Contender fan and Sergio said he loved watching the show the day after Contender to get Kelly's comments.

    Basically, Kelly said he was a favorite to win and he said no. He had a 20-1 chance. Ishe and Peter Manfredo were the favorites. He said that now he is tied to Burnett so he will do whatever Mark has in store for him. He will start doing commentaries on Friday night fights on ESPN, which he says is huge for a boxer.

    Sergio has not bought a house for his mom yet (i'm sure he didn't get the money yet). He wants to do safe investments and make the money grow and not spend it all on sports cars and the likes.

    Kelly would love a fight between Sergio and Alfonso. Sergio said Alfonso is America's sweetheart. He called him the little engine that could.

    In the end, Sergio threw a couple of punches on the bag and Regis tried to show off, but he tripped and almost fell.

    All in all, interesting segment, but I wish Regis would've let Kelly talk more since she knows the show well.

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    Thanks for taking the time to recap the interview, Desert Rose. LOL at Regis tripping. Sergio was one of my favorites. I admired him for reading to try to improve himself.

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    I saw him on the show as well, and you conveyed everything great, DesertRose. I've been very busy, so I haven't had a chance to chat about the finale, but I loved what I saw of it (basically the actual fight). Kelly asked if he had bought his mom a house yet, and he said he hadn't spent anything. He said he wants to be careful about spending the money...he doesn't want to simply blow through it all. Smart man.

    Speaking of smart men, I look forward to Phat's recap.
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    That's great! I hope there's a clip of his interview somewhere on the internet so I can see it too.

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    It was a nice interview. He was gracious about winning - seems like a nice guy. It was funny the way Regis kept taking shots at him when he wasn't looking.

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    I saw this interview as well. My favorite part was when Sergio was saying that the makeup people asked him if he wanted makeup on his bruised eye and he said, "Nah...I'm a boxer!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    Speaking of smart men, I look forward to Phat's recap.
    In that case, coming right up! (But in the meantime, I invite you to familiarize yourself with "Brinkley of Disaster," the recap of the penultimate episode).

    DesertRose, thank you for the skinny. I agree 100% with everyone who wrote to say that Sergio is wise for trying to hold on to his money. I don't think there's anything quite so sad as watching how these guys have worked and bled and sweated for their fortunes, only to see them throw it away on trivial things, leaving them with no security for the rest of their lives.
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