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Thread: Contender producers in negotiations with ESPN

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    Contender producers in negotiations with ESPN

    Just a little mention at the bottom of this article talking about Sergio's victory. Hope it works out.


    Schurr grad Mora is $1 million man

    Sergio Mora of Los Angeles will never have to shout, "I could have been a contender.' He is The Contender. Mora, in a spectacular performance Tuesday at Caesars Palace in the season finale of the NBC reality show, "The Contender,' won the championship with a unanimous seven-round decision over Peter Manfredo.

    Mora's biggest payday had been $7,000. He won $1 million Tuesday.

    Mora, 25, won by scores of 68-65, 69-64 and 70-63. This newspaper had Mora winning, 68-65. He improves his record to 16-0, and his bank account by a heck of a lot. After his victory, which came in front of 5,000 screaming people, Mora hugged his mother, Ines, who Mora said would quit working if he won the big money.

    In the post-fight news conference, Mora took off his sunglasses to reveal a cut he suffered over his left eye that was still bleeding and had not yet been stitched. He wiped off the blood with a finger, then put the finger in his mouth and licked it clean.

    He then talked about the ring conversation with his mother. "I broke down,' said Mora, a 1997 graduate of Schurr High School in Montebello. "I started thinking about all the struggles we had. Four boys in a one-bedroom apartment. Our dad left when I was young. Suddenly it hit me. One million dollars. I'm a 25-year-old man, but I broke down in my mom's arms.'

    Although Mora was in the center of the ring plenty during the fight, he also fought extremely well off the ropes, landing sharp counterpunches as Manfredo tried to push the action. "I like fighting off the ropes,' Mora said.

    Manfredo, of Providence, R.I., is 24-2. He will receive $250,000 as the runner-up. He said that with many movie stars and boxing celebrities in attendance, he got away from his game plan, which was to stick the jab in Mora's face.
    "I wasn't listening to my corner the way I should have,' said Manfredo, 24, who tried to land bombs on Mora, but often missed. "I was supposed to work off the jab.'

    Manfredo, however, thought he might have a chance at the decision. "I thought it could have gone either way,' Manfredo said. "But he was the better man. He is 'The Contender.' '

    The two middleweights gave those in attendance everything they could ask for. They went toe-to-toe a good part of the fight, but Mora showed better defensive skills as he bobbed and weaved out of harm's way on many occasions. Bottom line, Mora was faster, stronger and smarter.

    Mora was cut over the left eye in the first round, but it didn't bleed a lot until he got smacked with a hard shot to the head in the fifth round after he had taken a second to look over at Manfredo's corner and talk a little smack. But it didn't seem to matter. After the round ended, Mora stood near the ropes and posed while staring at Manfredo's cornermen. Referee Joe Cortez ushered Mora back to his corner.

    The seventh and final round began with the fighters squaring off and attacking each other with abandon. But it was obvious that by that time, Manfredo was exhausted and Mora was still going strong. Mora, with his back near the ropes, peppered Manfredo with four-punch combinations. With about 15 seconds left in the fight, Manfredo held up his arms as if he thought he might be the winner. When he did, Mora got on him again and landed some punches to the head. Manfredo was jelly-legged and had the fight lasted another 30 seconds, he might have tasted the canvas.

    There was a large contingent of supporters for both fighters, but Manfredo seemed to have a few more. However, when the lopsided scorecards were read, there were few complaints.

    NBC recently announced that "The Contender' would not be picked up for a second season, but producer Mark Burnett said afterward that the show's producers are in negotiations with ESPN for a second season.

    "This is too good not to continue,' Burnett said.

    And Mora was too good for Manfredo.

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    I hope the ESPN negotiations work out. Maybe those rematches they talked about will air on ESPN... NBC Universal will really lose out if ESPN/Disney gets "The Contender."

    NBC could have USA air the show, I remember USA having "Tuesday Night Fights" a couple of years ago.

    I think that the show has a good shot an Emmy especially if TAR producers only send in season 7 episodes... an Emmy could definitely open NBC's eyes to producing another season and maybe do things right this time with promotion.

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    Contender is back on 7/5

    Contender fighters back on July 5th. Headline at fightnews website

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    Text of article (which I cannot link)

    Contender returning July 5!

    Wednesday, May 25 2005

    Due to popular demand, Contender Partners will keep the Independence Day holiday going on Tuesday, July 5, with a night of boxing, at a Las Vegas site to be determined, featuring the stars of the boxing reality series "The Contender." Likely to compete on this card, which will be held at a Las Vegas site to be determined, will be the final four participants of "The Contender": Jesse Brinkley, Alfonso Gomez, Peter Manfredo Jr., and series champion Sergio Mora. "There is an overwhelming demand for this show and these fighters all over the world," said Mark Burnett. "We are incredibly excited to be able to bring you more championship boxing from "The Contender" so quickly."

    The live finale of the series finished very strong in the ratings (based on fast national numbers), building to a 4.8 in the key A18-49 rating with a total audience of 10 million viewers by the end of the stirring seven round battle between Mora and Manfredo Jr. "The excitement generated by these fighters has been astounding and a testament to the adage that if you give fans quality action with world-class fighters, they will come out in droves to support it," said Sylvester Stallone. "We've watched the birth of the next generation of boxing stars this year on "The Contender", and July 5 will be a night no fight fan will want to miss." Tickets for the first "Contender" show sold-out in a mere five minutes, and seats are expected to go fast for the second live show also.

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    I can't wait to see Jesse fight again!
    I'm absolutely in love with the guy!!!
    Girls could wear jeans, cut their hair short, wear shirts and boots, cause it's ok to be a boy, but for a boy to look like a girl is degrading, because YOU think that being a girl is degrading, but secretly you'd love to know what it's like, wouldn't you, what it feels like for a girl.

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    Save The Contender

    I want to get all the fans that loved the Contender on NBC to help get it renewed. If NBC doesn't have room for next year, let's get another outfit to pick it up. If we all contribute just one dollar to buy the rights, we could own the rights and get it on FOX or FX or one of the sports networks. Contact me if you're interested.

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    I thought that The Contender is suffering a drop in ratings and that was one reason why NBC decided not to pick up a second season. Still, there have been numerous cases where a show failed in one network only to become a bigger hit when another network picked it up.

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    JAG comes to mind.

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    Oh, that would be so great if ESPN picked it up. These guys deserve a decent forum in which to box and to restore the class to boxing. I am so proud of these guys - they handled themselves with such grace, good sports.

    This is a top quality show, and it deserves a new lease on life, even if it's on cable (which I don't have ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn
    ...These guys deserve a decent forum in which to box and to restore the class to boxing. I am so proud of these guys - they handled themselves with such grace, good sports...
    I totally agree. I was very impressed with the calibre of these men (with a few exceptions) in terms of sportsmanship, their love and dedication to their families, their grace in defeat. I was surprised by this. Before the show aired, I was expecting the boxers to swear a lot, be inarticulate, and be generally crude.

    Then there was the touching moment of Tommy buying the first suits for some of these guys. Jesse giving his winnings from the first fight to Jonathan Reid so he could take his kids to Disneyland (not on the show, but from Gomez's website). Joey letting Peter win the SUV.

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