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Thread: *5/24 Show Discussion Finale* SPOILERS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derevko
    I don't mind your multiple posts at all. Thank you so much for keeping us updated.

    SERGIO WON!!! He totally deserved it! I'm glad the million dollars went to the one fighter who came out of the tournament without any losses.

    Whew! Now I can go on with the rest of my day. I'm so excited to see the fight tonight.

    Thanks again for keeping us updated!
    This whole frickin thing was rigged. Watching the unedited Ishe vs Mora fight clearly shows Ishe won. And so Mora should not have even made it to the finals.

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    Even in the finals...Burnett and Stallone wanted an alfonso vs Manfredo rematch. However with only 4 fighters left they did not want to risk having Manfredo or Alfonso lose before making it to the finals. Therefore the rematch took place in the Semifinals.

    Ishe clearly should have won this thing. I thought it was quite obvious that stallone did not like Ishe...thats why in the Mora fight one judge scored the bout 5-0 for Mora over ishe. Did you watch this fight? Either the judge was blind...or he received orders (from his boss) to do so.

    The only good things that came out of this show were that it opened the eyes of the everyday person that there's more to boxing than Tyson versus... Actually watching middle/welter weight bouts obviously are much more interesting & entertaining than the heavy weight bouts (most of the time). Also most of the fighters we're able to benefit quite nicely financially from this show. I'm happy for them all for this fact.

    However, for the fighters on this show it's best that the show does not re-run. If the show re-runs these guys will be history in the minds of fans. However if the show ceases to run...I'm sure each of these guys will have a few more fans and will garnish higher pay days at their matches.

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