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Thread: They changed fan favorite matches.

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    I think jesse vs. alfonso will be much better and enjoyable match than sergio vs. peter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toronto
    The Nevada Boxing Commission would not let the fight between ishe and brent to take place due to weight differentials.

    In order to avoid a brent vs bonsante rematch, ishe and bonsante agreed to match up. In case you're interested here are the payouts for the matches:

    Peter vs Sergio - Winner gets 1 million and loser gets $250,000

    Jesse vs Alfonso - Both get $100,000 and winner gets an additional $100,000

    Lange vs Tarik - Both get $100,000 and winner gets an additional $100,000

    Ishe vs Bonsante - Bonsante gets $125,000 and Ishe gets $75,000

    Jeff vs Brent - Jeff gets $75,000 and Cooper gets $25,000

    Makes a good pay day for all these boxers.
    any reasoning for why the last two fights aren't divvied up the same??

    and why do bonsante and jeff get more? and i'm glad bonsante got beat again i can't stand that dude! Ishe is the number 1 daddy lol

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    I think the differential in fight monies gets back to the fact that in the "real" boxing world (aka whatever the NJ and Nevada boxing commisions say), there's a lot of fudging and negotiation and purses based on records and corruption. The actual boxing world only treats them like the "gladiators" Sly wants to pose them as in the sense that they have very little say and get moved around like chess pieces by promoters, managers, bookies, the mob, and the boxing commisions (when that's not the same as the mob).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harisso
    Did anyone see anthony vs. ishe? Anthony was doing all illegal stuff like hit ishe with his elbow, pick ishe up, etc. Ishe won.
    I only saw clips, I wouldn't mind seeing the whole fight although. From what I saw I thought Anthony was doing some strange stuff - Anthony is too emotional with his fights, he seems to forget his skills and start street fighting.
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    So just out of curiousity, how did all of you see these fights? Was there ppv or internet broadcast that I missed? All I saw were a few clips during the 2 hour broadcast last night.

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    The Yahoo Contender website

    You can see all the fan favorites fights on the Yahoo Contender website:
    http://contender.yahoo.com and you can see all the episodes' fights and recaps, and everything. In addition, MSNBC is showing the season from the getgo, which I couldn't be happier about, since I missed the first 5 episodes.

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