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Thread: Bringing back eliminated fighters

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    Bringing back eliminated fighters

    Maybe too late to discuss since this is probably the first and last season of this nice show.

    Unlike Survivor or Apprentice, elimination in Contender is determined between two people. Advancement to the next round of elimination is based on pairing two fighters. So, should one fighter get sick, quit or too injured to be allowed to the next round, the rotation would be messed up.

    What would have been the better solution? Vote or bring in a totally new fighter?

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    I'd definetely say it's better to vote and bring one back. Because if they bring some new person we dont even know, it would be boring. Especially if they brought him in like last few rounds. They would always be like a mystery player or something.

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    Harisso, you certainly added another point to the argument. This show, after all, is not one of those dating reality shows where they suddenly introduce an element like another bunch of men or women going up against those that were in the competition since day one.

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    I for one would have found it more interesting if they brought someone else in! They can still do a story on that person! At least that person would have got a chance too instead of two tries!

    That is why I am glad someone that was undefeated from the show contender actually won!!

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    I'm not a nazi about this kind of stuff. I say that bringing someone back in this kind of elimination style tournament is okay - they were already paying them $1500/week (I think, according to what I saw when Najai died) to remain trained in preparation for potential undercard fights. Why pay 3-4 more alternates for potentially nothing?

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