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Thread: 5/22 Show Discussion *SPOILERS*

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    My thoughts exactly. I was never a fan of "bringing someone back" in any show. They should've come up with a better way to handle those situations.
    Okay, what would be your suggestion then? Remember these factors: backup fighters entail additional costs, the producers wouldn't want that. Also, you need to fill x number of episodes for NBC. Non-elimination fights sounds like a terrible idea and unfair for the eliminated contestants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolf
    I'm happy that Sergio win. Now if only he can protect himself a little more, he has a good chance to win against Peter. I'm rooting for Sergio to win the million dollars. Nothing against Peter, because he has been one of my favorites, but I have mixed feelings that he had already lost, while Sergio hasn't lost a match yet. I'll still be okay with whoever wins, but I would've much preferred to see Alfonso vs Sergio in the finale.

    I would have also preferred to see Alfonso in the finals. Man that guy has the heart of a champion. Not to take away from any of the other guys, but he was a good friend to all. I hope to see Alfonso Gomez in the future. Who knows, maybe I will look up and see if he fights on national TV again. I like him, I wanna see him fight again, and I may eventually like boxing.

    As for Jesse vs Sergio. I actually gained some respect for Mr. Brinkley. He didn't whine as much and he really did give his all in this last fight. I actually thought he might have had a chance at winning, and he dished out as best he could. But the Latin Snake-bit him in the end.

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