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Thread: Spoiler info - Finale

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    Spoiler info - Finale

    Was reading Alfonsos web page (www.alfonsosgomez.com) and he states:

    "First of all I want to apologize to everyone who comes here to read the recaps that I do. As you all know, I'll be fighting on the 24th and that has taken some of my time. However, here it is...hope you enjoy."

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    I think he's allowed to say this now, because the top 4 will all be fighting on the 24th. It's just a matter of who and for what bout. There will be the championship fight between the top 2, the "Bronze" fight between the other two, and the fan favorite fight. So, basically there are 2 undercard fights and then the main event. I don't know that the undercards will be shown on television.

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    Thanks for the clarification - I missed the bronze match

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    Did you guys notice that alfonso has faught ishe smith outside contender tournament?

    06.15.2001 vs. Ishe Smith
    The same guy who got me my first fight called me one week prior to this fight. He said, "You wanna fight next week against a fighter who is 2 - 2?" I had not trained but I was 2 months behind my car payment and needed the money, besides tthe guys record didn't seem to threatening. Next thing I know, I'm fighting this undefeted fighter who had over 100 amateurs fights. It was a tough fight but the final decision was unfair. In my opinion it was a local decision. It was my first defeat and I was distraught. However, it taught me a great lesson. Be prepared all the time because you never know when the opportunity can come up.

    Also on Peter Manfredo Jr.'s site, it shows him winning a match over anthony bonsante.

    That's pretty weird. They pretty much all knew each other when they entered contender.
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