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Thread: 5/1 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    ^ Agree.

    I don't get it. Why is Peter such a threat again? Maybe he's just really poor in 5 rounds for whatever reason.

    Wow, Joey looked MESSED up. I see they were painting him as the villain for a tiny while, but he was back to being the 'heart and soul' of the show again. Props to him. I think he would've kept fighting the way he was.

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    Man that fight was awesome. The cut was one of the worst cuts i've ever seen. I feel bad for the kid. The preview looked like Jessie gets beat, but that would be too obvious, so i'm guessing a Jessie victory.

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    That was a totally brutal fight. I wish that Joey had won.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JCDenton
    Ok, so up to this point, Peter has lost a fight, barely beat a much weaker boxer, and squeak by on a split decision by headbutting someone he didn't have the stamina to beat in a full 5 round fight. What a winner.
    I'm starting to lose faith in Peter. He's not the strong fighter that I thought he was. He's ranked #3, so he should not be struggling as much as he is. He's barely squeaking by, as you said. I still want him to outlast Jessie or Anthony. But I fear that he could have a hard time beating any of those two boxers, who aren't even that great.

    I'm glad Peter beat out Joey, though. He has power punches, I'll give him that. I don't like how he keeps reminding poeple that he is trying to help them out, and telling them he's a nice guy. If you have to do that, then you're not a nice guy because you expect something in return.

    Joey's sister was sure looking like a crazy-psycho witch.

    As far as Jesse and Anthony, I don't really like those two, so it really doesn't matter who wins next week.

    I'm rooting for Alfonso and Sergio to be the final 2.

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    anyone who doubted joey, this fight put it to rest...

    i doubt peter really won the fight, and had it gone the full 5 rounds, i think joey would have won ....

    joey never quits and after losing the first 2 rounds, he brought it on ....

    i just hope anyone but sergio or anthony wins...im rooting for peter or alfonso .... (i still dont believe sergio won his fight against ishe, even though i hated ishe)

    but even if jhoey won, i dont think he would have gone much farther .... he did get hurt pretty bad, but at least he didnt juan it out ....

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    I agree, i wanted Ishe to go real bad but what the heck? it wasnt even a split decision in that fight.. i think sergio worked the croud more than the opponent.

    i am very angry joey had to go.. Manfredo was extremely exhausted in the final round and joey was putting on the heat with powerful japs and right hooks.. i think the reason judges called it on menfredo is because of the first impressions on the 1st round.

    And Jesse is talking so much trash about every single person.. First he does not call Ishe out which already in my mind makes him a coward. then he keeps on talking trash how joey is the coward for wanting anthony so he will take him instead.

    jesse can't fight for anything either, he was doing some weird dodging style running around all over the ring if anyone remembers..

    alfonzo is def gonna win to final i think, he is on different level..

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    What an incredible episode tonight. Hopefully, alot of people caught it.

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    I really think Joey won that fight, but it was probably smart of the judges to give it to Peter. Joey was messed up pretty badly and I doubt he could have continuted in the competition. It would have been pretty ridiculous to vote yet ANOTHER person back on.

    I think Joey may have had a good shot at taking the whole thing. He definately wasn't the best boxer in terms of picking his angles and punches, and his defense was lacking, but I think his speed, power, and stamina would have been too much for most of the boxers. Jimmy and Peter both outboxed him, but he came back so hard that neither of them could put him down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackshade
    After Bonsante pulled that move earlier it will be hard to root for him but I pretty much can't stand Jessie so I guess Bonsante's my man by default next week.
    That's my dilemna too, so I guess I'm for Bonsante as well.

    At this point I'm hoping for a Peter/Alfonso final with Alfonso taking it all.
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    What is the standard number of rounds in boxing? Does it depend on the weight class?

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