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Thread: season on dvd?

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    season on dvd?

    will the contender be out on dvd? not sure if ill get it, but id like to just have joey vs jimmy .... i dont know why, but i loved that fight ....

    wish i had DVR

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    I don't think it won't be any time soon, but I might consider buying it too, if it came out on DVD.

    Some of the fights have been pretty awesome.

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    i would consider buying it if they actually show the whole fight on the dvd set

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    I think it might. I tape all the episodes. But I'd consider buying the DVD if the full fights were on it. I'd also wanna see more stuff from the house because I'm sure there's some clever editing going on.

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    You're okay, Georgie. Tanyabean's Avatar
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    I'd buy it.
    I'm shamelessly addicted to season DVDs of all my shows. <3

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