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Thread: 4/17 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Tonight's epsiode was great.

    What a comeback by Joey. I thought he was done, for sure, after he re-injured his hamstring. Jimmy looked great on paper, but he didn't deliver. I was actually rooting for Jimmy, but he got outpowered by Joey. Joey won me over with his come back. He gave it all he had, and even with the leg injury, he kicked Jimmy's butt. Joey was all heart.

    I agree with those that have stated that Juan was looking for a way out. He must've realized he was way in over his head. Too bad, but he is young, and he will have a lot more chances (hopefully).

    Jonathan is my choice to come back, but I do believe the trailers for next week showed Ahmed coming back. (what a bummer that they show spoilers. )
    But even without the previews, when Jeff said they were planning on "throwing in a wrench", and Alfonso said he was doing what was best for him, my first thought was Ahmed. Ahmed causes controversy, and he would most probably cause some of the fighters (*Ishe*) to lose their focus.

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    This was a great fight!

    Now what Anthony did I believed was justified after this fight! Since Juan didn't want to fight Joey because he thought he was the weakest link! Now with everyone thinking Jimmy would have beat Anthony! And with Joey beating Jimmy! What would Joey have done to Brent???

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    honestly, jimmy never had the fight....he wasnt close ...

    beginning of fight, joey looked to just be gauging him .. .throwing punches around, jimmy fighting a bit .... joey blocked alot of his punches, moving around ...

    then he just went to work ...... totally went and trounced him ...

    come 3rd and 4th rounds ... joey got hurt .... jimmy took advantage .....

    5th round, he just dug in and showed what he was .....

    if joey didnt have a bad hamstring, jimmy would have never won a round ... 3rd and 4th rounds, jimmy did some damage only cuz joey was hurting on his hamstring .....

    if joey keeps it up and his healthy for the rest of the fights, he's my vote to get to the final fight, and prob win imo .... he showed patience, power, quickeness (not the quickest defensively), and smartness ..... he was overwhelming ....

    i absolutely hate ahmed along with anthony .... i hope he loses again .... juan showed where he is mentally ... he isnt matured enough and sugar ray said alot of it ..... real fighter wouldnt back down .... sugar ray wont get very far the way he goes ....

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    Wow, there was a LOT of stuff going on this episode.

    I was hoping that Juan would stay in and win the whole shabang, but now I get to root for Sexy Sergio. hee hee.

    But seriously... this is going to get very interesting.

    Final 8 will go down to final 4... so with 2 fights next ep and 2 fights the ep after that, we will get the final 4. 2 fights for f2, and then the live finale at Caesar's Palace.

    Looks like a total of 12 episodes. There's probably a recrap episode just before the finale for a total of 13.

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    why don't they bring J Reid back?

    he should be given a chance, babyface doesn't deserve one

    ishe been talking alot the last few weeks, let's see how he is the day of his round 2 fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I about screamed myself hoarse shouting for Joey tonight

    Jeez, what's the point of having a cliffhanger if you're going to give it away in the previews? :rolleyes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg
    babyface doesn't deserve
    On the bright side, if babyface is coming back, that means his GIRLFRIEND is coming back.
    woo-hoo! hubba-hubba!

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    I can't believe they're bringing Babyface back. I know in Survivor Mark Burnett would intentionally put in misleading footage to throw *spoilers* off track. I'll have to check the videotape tonight to see if it wasn't from the previous fight. They have to live in the gym for several more weeks and Babyface is just too obnoxious over a long period of time. I really doubt they'd bring him back. I don't think anyone liked him. I hope they bring Jonathon back; he's a worthy opponent, has a family to support, and seemed a pretty decent guy. But Babyface... yuck! [Alright, I wanna see his girlfriend again and for ratings he's the boxing equivelent of Omarosa, but I just don't want to spend my free time listening to his punk bombast. He doesn't deserve a second chance.]

    Joey's hamstring should put him out of the tournament. They just don't heal that fast. I noticed in the fifth round he switched feet to a southpaw stance so that his punches were launched from his left leg. This didn't work and he switched to an even stance with NO back leg toward the end. This worked alright but I think he just decided to gut it out and swing away. Since all the boxers have now become "friends", they'll probably keep Joey on ice until the end of this next series of fights. It'll be interesting to see if they get together to agree on who-fights-who... or will it be anything goes?

    This is a GREAT show. If NBC keeps it around its ratings should take off. Move it off Sundays though. If you throw out the competitions, this is the most REAL of the reality shows.

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    Jimmy didn't say Gene Hackman was his father! Did anyone else think his dad looked like Gene Hackman?

    Poor Juan - I think he knew he'd lose his next bout.

    I like Joey, he is a good athelete. I don't see him going all the way, especially with his hamstring, but he's a guy I'd want on my side if ever I needed rely on someone for the important stuff.

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    Uh....I am new here. Who exactly is babyface?

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