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Thread: Poll: If I were Anthony Bonsante...

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    Poll: If I were Anthony Bonsante...

    There has been a lot of talk of whether the decision taken by Anthony was the right one. So I thought of having a poll.

    If you were Anthony, you would:

    (A) Follow team orders and fight Jimmy Lange, after all you have to fight the tough guys sometime,

    (B) Fight Brent Cooper. A win under your belt is always satisfying,

    (C) Or Fight Juan De la rosa, the young kid.

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    (D) Quit being an asshat and admit it's all about the million dollars.
    "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier." The Killers.

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    sooner or later hes gonna have to fight the so called good guys anyways

    not much hiding.. but he did choose a path with no honor in it

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    Quote Originally Posted by _teddy_
    sooner or later hes gonna have to fight the so called good guys anyways
    not much hiding.. but he did choose a path with no honor in it
    Nah!! I don't think there is anything dishonorable about who one decides to fight! Everybody before this did that very same thing and chose what worked best for them!!! After all when you have a choice, why should you have to go with what others think is best for you? Obviously when the teams were matched up- according to the "other's" opinions- the same "others" would have influenced the match-ups based on what worked better for them!!! He fought- he won it decisively- he serves everything he gets!!!

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    I basically think the fighters should be able to choose who they want to fight. Where I think Anthony was dishonorable was agreeing to go along with the team's plan when he didn't intend to follow through. And, he did more than just let the team assume he was on board with the plan. He actively lied about his intentions to get his teammates to win the challenge.

    If the three remaining fighters couldn't agree on the final match-ups, they should have decided to draw straws (if they won the challenge) for the right to call out whomever they wanted.

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    no its dishonorable when you have to luie and cheat against your own teammates and other friends so that you can have the choice and then shock them with a change in plan. its dishonorable when your surposed opponent takes time psyching himself for a fight and training extra hard only to come to no use. and considering all other guys took equal to harder opponents, him choosing to take an easy guy, means he took an easy way out so its dishonoarble again

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    When it comes to money (a million dollars in this case), some people will do anything to get it. Anthony played in "smart" by choosing a weaker opponent in order to get closer to the million dollars, but by doing that he ended up looking like a chump. This is his last chance, and he doesn't have anything to lose. If Anthony does wins in the end (which I highly doubt), it won't matter what people think because he'll be rich.

    I like fighters that don't take the easy way out, but I do understand why Anthony did it.

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    If I were Anthony Bosante, I would.

    A.- Shave my chest so they stop calling me hairy.

    B.- Get rid of that ugly hat.

    C.- Stay away from Brinkley in the last round and got on my bike and did some serious back pedeling.

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