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Thread: 4/3 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    the best matchup in this situation is not the same thing as the best matchup as a professional boxer. in this situation the best matchup is the one most likely to get you to the next level of the competition.

    Anthony is 33. that's pretty old for a boxer. He's not some kid out there trying to make a name for himself by choosing a fight that will enhance his reputation in the boxing world. If he doesn't already have a decent rep there he's too old to start worrying about it now.

    And once again, being a man or not being a man has nothing to do with what went down. He assessed, quite correctly, that he's on a reality show competition with 16 other guys and only one of them can win. His move was calculated based on that factor, any other factor that might of influenced him was, and should be, secondary in the decision to make a move that would ensure he made it through to the next round.

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    I was getting really sick of the "the lord" and "my kids" talk between these two. Enough already, we get it...we got it the first 1,565,415,486 times. I wanted both of them to lose after that.

    When Anthony cried like a little girl when his kids showed up, did anyone else think it was a bit over the top, or was it just me?

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    I too think that you should be allowed to fight whomever you want. But for whatever reason, both teams had the remaining fights all matched up. Because of this, I think what Anthony did was wrong - he not only lied to everyone, he gave himself an easy fight, and he game himself the upper hand. He had been planning on fighting Brent all along without anyone else knowing. Brent had been planning to fight Joey. With this being the case, I'm sure Anthony had been studying Brent for some time to get his fighting style down. Brent didn't have this advantage as he most likely had been concentrating on Joey and not paying much attention to Anthony. So Anthony had a huge advantage here - studying your opponent and focusing your skills based on who your fight is against is crucial in preparing for a match. Granted, Anthony was already superior to Brent anyway, but this only helped enlarge the gap.

    Now, I do think that all fighters should be watching EVERYONE because you never know what's going to happen (as was proved tonight). But it's no wonder Anthony creamed Brent.

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    JR - just a bit over the top

    So much of those two was "over the top" - but after all the other West team mates had decided to be macho and pick tough fights - for Anthony to go around like that lying and stuff - lying to their face - hopefully good guys will finish first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by corprip
    I'm still watching the episode, but I have to comment on the Anthony fiasco. I think he's being a little scandalous, mainly because he's padding his score. He's taking on someone weak who he can easily beat rather than taking on his match just so he can bank an easy win. It's how Manfredo got such an "impressive" record. Anthony's family excuse is just gross, especially the way he has their pictures on the table at the press conference. He's scared and he's hiding behind his family.

    ETA: OMG I saw the fight. Poor. Brent.

    Anthony is the Wendy Pepper of Contender.
    Totally agree with this. It seems Anthony just took the easy way out.

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    I don't really care that bonsante picked whatever oponent that he wanted. It was the fact that he knew he was going to do it the whole week but instead of telling his team what he wanted to do he was a little weasling bastard and actively misled them. It would have even been better had he just kept his mouth shut. he reminded me of a traitor or deserter that would get his whole squad killed in combat just to save his own yellow hide. I don't care if only one fighter wins in the end--the winner should have honor--bonsante clearly is without honor. And, the way the show seemed to play up his love affair with his kids was retarded. Was Cooper really going to take the food off of bonsante's kids' table?! How was he entitled to the money anymore than anyone else just because he has some stupid little kids that he apparently cannot support? What a crybaby--I can't believe the show bought into that sob story. I think he protests too much about loving his kids--he must already have dementia pugilistica if he is crying that much. Cowards, turncoats, and traitors will always try to rationalize their behavior. Also--as an aside--it was irritating that near the end credits the Oldman with the Hat, SugarRay, and Stallone seemed to be sitting around laughing at Cooper for his loss in the ring and his beliefs. I couldn't care less what his beliefs were but after the show just got through browbeating the audience with it for an hour it was distasteful to put that footage in at the end of the show. I'd like to see SugarRay and Stallone mix it up in the ring so SugarRay can remember what its like in the ring and Stallone can get that second-rate face lift knocked off his skull. Stallone needs to keep headgear on all the time. That's all I got.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mis
    He's pretty.

    The only thing is, I also found it unnecessary to midlead everyone on his own team so much.
    If he didn't mislead, then I assume the team could pick someone else to toe the line. He had to mislead in order to get the best chance to get to the next round.

    I like how at the end of the match, Angry Ishe said "It's personal" and Sergio replied "it's boxing".

    Oh well, the drama makes for good TV.
    Its personal because Anthony screwed up Ishe's plan for Ishe's team. Remember, Ishe is "always in strategy mode".
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    After reading some tidbits on Alfonso's website, it seems that after the Ishe debacle, they all decided to arrange who was fighting who. They didn't want fighters taking the easy way out. I don't agree with the arranged fights, because supposedly, this show is all about the fighters taking destiny in their own hands. Not having someone tell them who to fight.

    It also seems that if the guys had known that Anthony wasn't going pick Jimmy as it was arranged, then his team would've thrown the challenge. Looks like Sergio and Miguel also wanted to take easy fights at one point. I can see why Anthony carried on with his deciet, but I still don't agree with it. But hey, this is his last hurrah, so I don't think he cares if he leaves a good impression on the boxing community.

    I didn't particularly care that he brought the pics of his kids to the press conference. He is not the only one that has family to feed. :rolleyes And yes, JR, I thought that Anthony crying when he saw his kids was way too dramatic. Maybe he's thinking of becoming an actor once his boxing days are over.

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    I think Anthony shouldn't have actively misled his team, but I think he should have been able to pick his own fight. I don't understand why people are saying Brent was an easy fight. Anthony was fighting someone with a similar record who was taller and heavier.

    Anthony 5'9" 154lbs W 24, L 4, Draw 3, KO 13
    Brent 5'11" 165lbs W 20, L 2, Draw 2, KO 15

    Joey 5'11" 165lbs W 8, L 0, Draw 0, KO 7
    Jimmy 6'0" 160lbs W 24, L 1, Draw 1, KO 17

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    They might have similar records, but you also should look at who their opponents are. What kind of fighters are they beating? I dunno about Bonsante, but Brent waas fighting horrible guys.

    Quote Originally Posted by samw
    If he didn't mislead, then I assume the team could pick someone else to toe the line. He had to mislead in order to get the best chance to get to the next round.

    Its personal because Anthony screwed up Ishe's plan for Ishe's team. Remember, Ishe is "always in strategy mode".
    That's true. I see the motivation behind it because I also read about the West's plan to throw the challenge after a couple others wanted easy fights. But I just didn't think he had to do it so much. Pick your own guy, but quiet down about Jimmy Lange this or that.

    He can play the leader, but it's not Team Ishe. It's Team West.
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