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You're right and I'm a moron... one of the first challenges was running up to the Hollywood sign. The Ultimate Fighter's in Vegas, I must have got them confused...
Nope, you're not a moron because moron's can't admit an honest mistake. Thanks for reminding me, about the running challenge and the hollywood sign.

Seriously, I wonder about the Leno reward, part of me says no big deal, but if I were 20 again and poor and and what not, I might think it was pretty cool.

My favorite rewards so far ranked are:
#1 - they got the suits
#2 - Dinner with George Foreman
#3 - Playing Poker with the boxer whose name I forgot

They really need to do more rewards like the suits.

I'd like to see a reward where the boxers can take their wives/girlfriends to a nice dinner and dancing.
A reward that sets up a little college scholarship for their kids
A reward where they can take their kids to Disneyland (oh wait, that's ABC - nix that)