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Thread: Anyone watching the exclusive/extended footage?

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    Anyone watching the exclusive/extended footage?

    ... on the Yahoo Contender site?

    I was never going to bother but got really bored one day and checked out a lot of the exclusive videos. Some kinda give you more insight on things and some are just pointless lol (like Tommy getting pissed at Joey for taking his blueberries).

    In week 2, Joey passed out after the challenge. He overheard SOME of Team West cracking on him and cried (juuuust a little bit) over it.

    And a couple videos show Joey's been training through a hamstring injury.

    Week 4 has some of the more interesting stuff. Miguel was actually planning on taking on Jeff (Alfonso said on his site Miguel and Sergio originally planned on taking easy fights first round). Most of Team West didn't like the idea because Jeff was supposed to be reserved for Joey, who everyone agreed had been working hard for the team and deserved who matched him best. Ishe argued that Miguel should take on Juan.

    Also, on TV when Najai was leaving, he cried and said it hurt him that he couldn't keep his word. I dunno why they edited this part out, but he was talking about his word to Juan. He said he promised "little Juan" he would come back, but couldn't. Aw.
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    No, I wasn't. Once a show begins, I don't like to poke around the site. If for some strange reason, the way they phrase something in one of their recaps is similar to the way I phrased something in mine, I want to be able to honestly say that I never looked at their material and never duplicated their writing as mine. But you've piqued my interest about their additional footage. I'm a sucker for behind-the-scenes stuff.
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    I rarely go to any of the reality tv shows' websites, because I don't want to run across any spoilers. The tidbits of info you posted is very interesting, though. Maybe after the show ends, I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing, Mis.

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