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Thread: Boxers are NOT heroes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kc_chris
    I also think it's important to remember that success in boxing does not necessarily mean you have to be fighting for a million dollars. Here locally - we have a couple of casino's that hold fights about once a month during the summer. One of the guys I work with has participated in some of the fights. For being an "undercard" on the event - he usually makes $3500-$5000. This guy also works a full-time job earning $60K/year. All said and done - he makes $25-30K/year boxing. And - he has done so for about 6 years now.

    I guess my point is that you shouldn't "assume" that these guys are living in the poorhouse. I bet that all of them have made decent money. They have to have been somewhat successful to have made it on the show (boxers like Manfredo who was highly ranked and undefeated probably earned in excess of $10K/fight). Sure - there are lots of "small time" boxers that are earning $100/fight... but in the boxing world there are a whole lot more fighters that are earning $50K + /year... then there would be by working at McDonalds.
    but then again, even if they make 30 or 40 Gees a years, the promoter/manager/traners/fees for this or that take more than half of that money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novalia
    I am growing tired of the cliches in this show. I enjoy the content and the fighting but the boring cliches about these guys fighting for their loved ones is beating a dead horse.

    Besides that... let's truly analyze their statements. They have been fighting for so many years and now they finally have a 1 in 16? shot at making a million dollars. For years they have been making NOTHING.. and looking at this Reid character he makes nothing and continues to populate his house with mouths he readily admits he can barely afford to feed!!

    I don't call these people heroes. I call them selfish children. They are gambling with their family's futures. Instead of investing your last penny in training for the pie in the sky championship fight how about educating yourself so you can get a better job to provide for your family.
    I think that's a bit harsh. Everyone has their own ideas on what it means to provide for your family. To some it means you need to live in an expensive house, go to expensive schools, etc. To some, as long as the bills are paid they are satisfied and even willing to stay at that income level if they are happy in doing what they are doing.

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