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Thread: a fighter returning? (**No Spoilers, please**)

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    They must have felt they had to have a fight and yet they didn't want to lose two in one episode. So they decided to give someone a second chance. I don't really like the idea either. But I see why they did it. But I would have prefered for them to lose the injured fighter and instead of a fight show us more of the boxers. So far each episode we've only gotten a look at two. So I don't have any clear favorites or villians.

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    yeah, I don't like the idea that much either, because the fighters that left lost fair and square. Maybe they could've brought in a new fighter.
    But, since the previews did say they will be bringing someone back, I'm still hoping it's Peter.

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    I would think the way Sly favored BabyFace (he even said "bye" to him after he lost the fight, whereas the other guys had to take the lonely walk of shame to the locker room), that he might be coming back.

    I also don't like this idea one bit.

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