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Thread: The Contender en Espanol (In Spanish)

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    The Contender en Espanol (In Spanish)

    Hola a todos...nomas entre rapidito para decirles q el show The Contender se va transmitir en espanol por la cadena Telemundo el Sabado Marzo 12. Diganle a todos sus amigos y parientes para q nos apoyes. Ustedes son los q hacen posible q nuestros suenos se agan realidad. Miren el show

    Hi Everybody....I just came in quickly to tell you all that the Contender will being airing on Telemundo on March 12. Tell all you mexican friends, your gardener, you maid...hehehe and everybody. Like i've said....The Fans make our dreams possible to achieve....thanx for watching
    Alfonso S Gomez

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    Thanks for the heads up, guero.
    Not sure if the gardeners speak spanish, but i'll let them know anyway.

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