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Thread: Contender Takes A Beating

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    Quote Originally Posted by AIWANNABE
    OK, I'm a 50 year old female who doesn't like boxing and I love this show. I know I am in a minority, in my demographic, but I think this show has a lot to offer if people would give it a chance.

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    I'm definately a HUGE fan of this show. I think the Burnette-Style of editing makes you choose your favorite each week as the fight grows closer. By the time the fight gets there - you are really pulling for someone.

    I have been telling everyone I know to check this show out. I'm curious if it is still doing as "bad" as this first night - or if it's ratings have picked up as word of mouth spreads.

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    I am loving this show!!! I haven't missed an episode yet... and I'm not a boxing fan. I may watch a fight with the boyfriend. I may even go to a fight party, but I'm more into what's being served or who else is there that isn't interested that I can talk to.

    Being a reality tv fan, I thought I'd give it a chance and I'm so glad I did. I even got my mom watching this show and she hates reality shows.
    Phenomenal woman... that's me!!!

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    It's a great show. Sure, the format could be a little better, and it would be great if they showed the fight in its entirety. I'm still loving it though, even the dramatic music, slow-motion punches, and the fighters families and their stories.

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    Hi, Olivia!
    Just a gut feeling--and I could be completely off-base--but I have a feeling that the numbers (<--- insider jargon ) for Sunday's episodes are going to be much better than for the premiere. The interest on this board between the premiere and the third episode has jumped quite a bit, and I wonder if it's a reflection of the population at large...?
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    Danger Bunny
    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Barmack
    I saw this show last night for the first time, and I think it's a complete miss. First off, the challenges seem to be fairly insignificant, don't they? It seems like each fighter will need to fight at least once, so what's the big deal? That's roughly 20 minutes of television time that has no point.
    I'm really liking this show, I really like that the contestants are real contenders and not just wanna-be's. I do think you're missing the point of the challenges (which have been wicked tough) though, I think you're under-estimating the importance of being able to pick your opponent. Being able to pick your opponent is incredibly important. So far the two people that had the choice (I've only seen the first two episodes) won their matches. I really like that once a fighter fights he doesn't fight again until everyone else has fought, boxing really takes it out of a fighter, they literally* get beat up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Barmack
    And also, Sly really doesn't add much. His constant mumbling is cool in movies, but not on television.
    This just boils down to taste but I think Sly's doing a good job, you can easily see that he's taking an active roll in the proceedings and an interest in the fighters. He's not just showing up and reading from the teleprompter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Erik Barmack
    And finally, unlike The Apprentice, you really don't have a sense of who the contestants are. The scenes with their families all seem generic and lumped together. I'd be shocked if this show ends up doing well.
    This might show a clear difference between us: I can't stand the Apprentice, Sly is ten times the host Trump is. And I have a real sense of who four of the contestants are (I haven't watched the third show yet), and in the next six shows I'm sure I'll learn about the other twelve. I like that they concentrate on the two fighters who are going to box that week, it really personalizes the match at the end of the show.

    * "Literally" used correctly.

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    Danger Bunny
    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn
    It's a shame that this show isn't doing better. The show is well-made and shows a lot of dynamics between the fighters, and with their families.

    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn
    Some people don't like the editing of the fights, but I don't mind it. I expect that an unedited version will be on the DVD, and hope that people will check out the DVD.
    I love this idea. I like how the fights are being filmed, with the slowmo hits you get to actually see what is happening (boxing is normally so fast it's hard to see what happens). I would like to see the entire fight, though I understand that time constraints prevent them from showing it. I would buy the DVD set with the fights in their entirety just for the fights.

    Quote Originally Posted by Siryn
    Honestly, I think it's just that many people aren't into boxing and won't watch a show about it.
    Which is a shame because they're missing out on a well made show about people really pushing themselves to be the best. Watching this show really builds respect for what these men go through to be professional boxers. I'm not into boxing but I do watch the occasional fight and I'm loving this show. Hopefully word-of-mouth and a stable time-slot will help the show build an audience.

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    the show hasn't been given a fair shot... just like the contestants, people have not taken the time to actually watch and realize that it's not just about actors/models trying to break into hollywood by pulling publicity stunts... these are real guys with real careers and real dreams... no chance of wannabe fame-whores getting on this show to spoil the 'reality'... no set ups here folks... it's all about 16 lifes that came together for one dream...

    give it a chance, and the show will reward you

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    Well, the latest ratings are out and it is somewhat disappointing. I wish folks out there would give this show a chance.

    NBC's 'The Contender' Falls Short of Ratings TKO
    Mon Mar 14, 2005 08:09 PM ET

    By Steve Gorman
    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "The Contender," NBC's new reality show about boxing, proved less than a heavyweight ratings champ in its first three bouts on television, but network executives insisted on Monday the program has more than lived up to its name.

    The heavily promoted show, one of the costliest reality series on TV, finished fourth in its Sunday night hour behind offerings from ABC, CBS and Fox, according to Nielsen Media Research. The telecast drew 6.7 million viewers overall and a meager 2.7 rating for NBC's target audience of adults aged 18 to 49 -- the demographic most prized by advertisers.

    By comparison, the highest-rated prime-time show on that night, ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," averaged 15 million viewers with a 5.8 rating in young adults.

    Sunday's "Contender" numbers also marked a sharp drop from so-so ratings it posted in two "preview" episodes that aired last Monday and Thursday -- which drew 8.1 million and 8.9 million viewers, respectively.

    "The Contender" features boxing great Sugar Ray Leonard and "Rocky" film star Sylvester Stallone as on-air mentors to a group of 16 young pugilists competing for $1 million in prize money and a shot at becoming America's next boxing superstar.

    Despite its lackluster ratings so far, NBC dismissed any notion that "Contender" was on the ropes.

    Network officials said the show's Sunday ratings were still a smidgen higher than they expected and improved slightly on the season average established by its predecessor in the 8-9 p.m. time slot, family drama "American Dreams."

    Given that "Contender" aired opposite an ABC hit and well-established shows on two other networks -- "Cold Case" on CBS and "The Simpsons" on Fox -- "it would be quite an accomplishment for us not to finish fourth in that time period," NBC ratings analyst Tom Bierbaum told Reuters.

    NBC executives said "Contender" faces the formidable challenge of proving itself as more than a show about boxing, which, like most non-championship sports besides pro-football, has long been considered a prime-time longshot.

    The network promoted the show as an unscripted drama that goes beyond a mere athletic competition to chronicle the personal lives and travails of real-life boxers struggling to make a name for themselves.

    NBC, which has been waging its own struggle in the ratings this season, has a lot riding on the show. Industry sources say the network paid $2 million an episode in licensing fees for the series, though the deal was structured to allow NBC to recoup much of those fees through barter of advertising time.

    The network originally had planned to launch "Contender" in the fall, but delayed its debut in part to distance it from rival boxing show "The Next Great Champ," which flamed out on Fox earlier this season in just four episodes.

    "The Contender" also received a bit of unexpected publicity when one of its contestants committed suicide three weeks before the series premiered.


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    I like how the fights can turn fairly unpredictable. You think you know who's going to win but the fights and the results can surprise you. It's not easy to see it coming. That keeps things interesting!

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