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Thread: Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveIsTheMan
    That fight was better than most 50 dollar fights you will pay for. Much better than a Tyson fight.
    Tyson's last fight was one of the best fights of 2004.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedbump
    Believe it or not, it wasn't just two minutes of fighting clips. They showed the rounds in their entirety or pretty damn near it. The fighting lasted almost 20 minutes with a commercial break.
    You do realize, however, that those 20 minutes were comprised of quick cuts, edits, time-stretched shots, disjointed shots, re-takes, full-on trainer banter inbetween rounds (can't forget that after all), inane moments of the crowd cheering them on, and reused footage (there were an awful lot of times where each fighter seemed to make the exact same punch two or three times). In fact, if anything, we have no idea if we even saw the fight in the correct order, and they could have mixed and matched the footage and rounds in any way they wanted to make the fight appear closer than it really was. There was no presence of a clock or judges or any kind of time schedule.

    I wanted to watch boxing. This is not boxing, this is the illusion of boxing. This is the promise of boxing. The boxing is not even the essential part of the show, it's just being used as a metaphor for the struggles of hopefuls to achieve their dream. Well, you could probably say that about any reality TV show, but if that's the case, why completely dishonour the sweet science of boxing doing it? Why not just have them be trash collectors. If I wanted superfluous fluff like this, I'd go rent Rocky.

    I admit, I was hooked on this show. It was a great intro, I was really getting into it. And the buildup to the fight was great. But the fight was the most frustrating thing I've ever seen. I was annoyed by those shots of manfredo's wife going "come on baby!" by the second round. Yes, I get it already. We know she's cheering for him, and his daughter is with her. We don't need to see her every 10 seconds doing it.

    It's almost as if the producer's were afraid you'd forget about the human drama, so had to overcompensate during the fight. Man, at the exact moment that everything unfolds, you don't need to accentuate it at all. Just let it play out. Don't insult my intelligence with this crap.

    Like I said: I will watch one more week. If they pull this again, I'm not watching anymore. It's just not worth it. I feel cheated and short-changed. Such an anti-climactic ending to what would have otherwise been a great show. If they were smart, they'd put the fights unedited and in their entirety n the website. Then I could ditch the show and just watch the clips the day after.

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    Reading your thoughts
    I didn't watch, I was pouting over it replacing Medium. But, I was interested
    in the rating. The Contender was pretty punchless, finishing 5 1/8 for the
    night. For those of you who liked it, maybe word of mouth will help.

    zap2it fast ratings

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    I registred just to talk about this show to. But i thought it was awesome, way better than i expected it to be. But i really think they made a mistake in premiering it on Monday because others would be more inclined to tune in to the more established shows.

    I like how down to earth Sly & Ray are, i was literally cursing at my screen because the boxer from the East was taking forever to get the lock open. I really liked the atmosphere of the press conference before the fight, they were talking major trash. Sly was a good sport about the crap movies he did, when asked LOL

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    why completely dishonour the sweet science of boxing doing it?
    With some of the other nonsense that has gone on in boxing over the last century, I doubt that this show is going to do any additional harm to boxing's reputation. One might argue that by humanizing the boxers, it will draw spectators back to the sport. Is that such a bad thing for boxing?
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    Ishkur...you stated almost everything I was going mention. Must be Cdn perspectives. I was hooked until the actual fight. They showed the same punch sequences from different camera angles and passed them off as different segments of the round or other parts of the fight. I understand they wanted the quick clips of the audience and the other fighters or it would be too much a sports highlight but don't mess with the actual fight footage, don't show the same punch/combination two or three times so it seems like a landslide.

    Aside from fight editing the other element that drove me nuts is the sound effects. It isn't Rocky, nor is it the old Batman series. Fake punch noises are not necessary. The super slow motion replay of a fist landing flush on the cheek is enough.


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    Regarding the five-year old girl, the most disturbing part of it was when her dad was getting pounded and the crowd was cheering, she didn't know what was going on and clapped with everyone else. That alone should show she isn't old enough to be watching. She doesn't even know when her dad is losing. How sad is that?
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    Fortunately for the producers I think this show will appeal much more to non-boxing fans.

    Considering there are a lot more of them than there are actual boxing fans, the sho might get a nice audience.

    My wife was exhausted last night and she turned this on while in bed thinking it would put her to sleep quickly. She ended up awake until the very end, and even suckered me in for the last 45 minutes or so.

    I doubt it will get a huge audience, but it might draw some new fans to boxing.

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    I loved this show, much to my surprise. I hope it sticks around.

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    Its too bad it got horrible ratings, but I think that will change when it moves to Sunday night.

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